Animal Office : Hot Cakes 5 : Animated Unicorn : animated music video 2 days ago   01:50

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Is that supposed to be a Menzbier's marmot in the shredder? I serioudly had to pull up the wikipedia page on marmots to come up with that one.
Klamath 2046
Hold that thought!
Plz do more
Derpson Dude
I fucking died at 1:18
Holy balls I miss Hot cakes and l I miss Weebl on youtube. =D
Cover up their eyes and then look at only their noses and mouths...
They don't have guest passes... "That's against HR policy! To action!". Awesome work I love this series.
Felancio Arts
Whats happen to that famous murderer that always be in the Hotcakes videos.Anyone feel me
"Masta teres a cat in teh photocopya! Agehn! Srsly, wats up with all thees aneemals in owr office equipment? Yeh, it's affectin owr ability too werk!"
Aiden Crawford
I need the back ground music for this.
Weebl's Stuff
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Chad Rudiaschy
Did you intent to recite the script with the beat of the background music?
Michael Piccirilli
What is this Family Guy?  Having two characters just standing there talking isn't funny.
Sogen Okami
Can we get the background music?
So you the creator in Internet randomness yet you don't have. A million subscribers stop watching stamps long head and come here God
Shmuel P
Can you make more Russian Dancing Men videos please?
John Durvin
I look forward to the resolution to this suspenseful adventure, I do.
Is this rap? It's better than anything on the radio.
David Silverman
Mr weebl, make hot cakes 6 with the original guys and the guy who has an orange for a wife to move in. Btw, my mom and I have been wanting this for so long now
Pete Magnuson
Is it just me or are they wearing giant underwear? If so, i feel stupid for not realizing it before.
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Unicorn : animated music video Animal Office : Hot Cakes 5 : Animated 2 days ago   02:42

A song about the true nature of the Unicorn. Has mild swearing in it.


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