Hilarious Trucks Fails [Ep.#2] Cop Messes with the wrong Lambro 2 days ago   10:21

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Hilarious Trucks Fails [Ep.#2] | 2019

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7:10 In mother Russia, snow plows you!
6 6
"Can you not record it?" I wish that cunt would have touched me and my camera. That cunt would have a broken jaw and be in the lake. If you touch other people and get hurt or die then justice is served.
9:08 well I tell ya the front fell off 😂😂
Jon May
White Ford explorer just stop lol u can't drive in a box.
dingus malingus
6:38 straya
Tony Cervantez
La takeover retards
Matthew Full
typical ford owner
Dude at 5:45 sounded like he was busting a nut. Lol
Nene Araiza
Jeff McEntire
that last clip was just sad
T. Fairy
Hmmmm... Two people filming the launching of a boat, something boring enough that no one films it... motor home with JACKSON KAYAKS on the side slips into reverse somehow... Staged for free advertising maybe?
Chloe Hennessy
Sigh. So many amateurs with their black smoke from their diesels.
Tyler Penberthy
5:31 I hope that ain't the captain filming. Hes supposed to be going down with that bitch!
Joshua Snyder
Few things more satisfying than a coal roller truck explosion.
If every time you do something you have to say "you might be a redneck if", well, you're probably just inbred.
Chris Martin
7:10 good job swift you caused an avalanche
Nathan Schoenauer
That chevy gettin schooled by a volkswagen at the end hahaha
Square Body Chevys
That poor dirty ferd
7:10 Mountain man put too much detergent in his washing machine....
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Cop Messes with the wrong Lambro Hilarious Trucks Fails [Ep.#2] 2 days ago   07:12

Cop Messes With The Wrong Lambro | This Is America! | Lambros

I am at Bullfest 2019 cruising to Key Largo Florida and we decide to stop at a gas station rest area to get gasoline. As soon as we pull up we are met by 2 female police officers that are being very aggressive and literally tell us to hurry up and get gas and then leave! I confront both of them in this video to find out why they are being so rude to us and they continue to be unprofessional and rude to me and all of our friends getting gas. The officers try to tell us that we are not allowed to “rest” at a Rest Area, they say that people are complaining about us, we literally just pulled up and she started telling where to get gas and how to back in. You have to see this video with the 2 crazy cops.


My Lamborghini Huracan is broken (emotional) | LAMBROS


Cop Messes With The Wrong Lambro | This Is America! | Lambros

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lambrosteve/
Website: www.stevecurrington.com