Aftermath of Cyclone (Typhoon) Vicente, Crosswind landing in Hong Kong 5 months ago   06:32

In the field with Simon Haslett, Professor of Physical Geography at the University of Wales. Hong Kong and Southeast China suffered the effects of Cyclone (Typhoon) Vicente on 23-24 July 2012. This video examines some of the physical impacts in the aftermath of Cyclone Vicente in Hong Kong on the 24 July. In Hong Kong typhoon signals, Numbers 1-10, are used to indicate the potential impact of a tropical cyclone (No. 10 being the highest) and are issued by the Hong Kong Observatory. At the time this video was made it was considered that this cyclone was the worst in 3 years; however, the news later reported that it was the most severe since 1999.

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Fawad Khan
I was there in 1999 with this ones identical took place. I was 8yrs old look outa the window n still remember small plant pots flying about like shopping bags.
Khatulpica Adventure
Thanks watching im follow to the Typhoon & Climate change effective the Global.
any co operation..welcome im volunteer.
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Crosswind landing in Hong Kong Aftermath of Cyclone (Typhoon) Vicente, 5 months ago   02:01

Jetstar Asia 697 Singapore WSSS - Hong Kong VHHH Rwy 07L 9V-JSN

Weather conditions were just in between this two METARs:
VHHH 240708Z 14019G30KT 110V170 9999 SHRA FEW010 SCT025 29/25 Q0998 NOSIG

VHHH 240700Z 14016KT 100V170 9999 FEW010 SCT025 29/25 Q0998 NOSIG