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Reiki Training Coach and California Life Coaching

Do you need a tune-up both personally and professionally?

Do you feel like you're spinning your wheels and getting nowhere?

Are you puzzled by your lack of results?

Are you ready to reignite your passions?

Are you willing to step out of the way of your success?

In a similar fashion to a virus attack on your computer-- that will quite probably cause it to lockup or shut down-- the same attack theory applies to the programs you are unconsciously running, both personally and professionally: these unrecognized messages can be causing you and your business to instinctively shut down or lock up.

At Sunrae, we can help you both discover and eliminate the root causes behind these personal and professional roadblocks. Join us and receive how-to, easy to implement, practices that will move you personally and professionally in the right, entirely positive, direction. Will we arm you with realistic, result oriented techniques to skyrocket you personally and professionally to the next level.

As the recipient of many entrepreneurial awards, including the 2005 Networker of the Year Award, Jade firmly believes that possibilities are truly infinite, and successes are unique and personalized. As a successful business entrepreneur and coach, Jade's customized Self-Improvement, Interpersonal Skills and Business Skills Trainings revolutionize her clients skill sets and positively transform their personal and professional lives in the following areas:

Personal Development
Stepping into their personal power & living their purpose
Personal Relationships
Stress management
Professional Development
Customer service
Professional Relationships
Team building

Jade is committed to encouraging and coaching individuals, entrepreneurs and corporations to maintain a high level of success both personally and professionally; and to providing the highest quality information, training and products, at a level that is unmatched in the industry.

Join Sunrae, and let Jade guide you along your personal and professional journey to success: let her shine the light of possibility for you to step further into your power and embrace the unlimited.

"I am committed to revealing the Light present in everyone in a way that they can more easily recognize their own gifts and potential, thus making it possible for what were once merely dreams to become reality. All you have to do is choose." ~ Jade Marie

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Becoming A Reiki Master Reiki Training Coach and California 2 months ago   01:31

Ten Nebula (Ms. Serpentine) is a gifted healer. She is a Goddess Priestess, Reiki Master, Shaman and Psychic healer.

She has a private Reiki healing practice in and works with nationwide clients.

She offers
~ Reiki healings/treatments (1 hour)
~ Reiki attunements
~ Reiki long-distance healing (1 hour)
~ Reiki certification courses
~ Reiki Weekend Intensives
~ Reiki Accelerated Courses

Contract Reiki Healer Position:
Ten Nebula is also available to be contracted as part-time Reiki healer at health-based organizations (i.e. hospitals, hospice, drug treatment centers, cancer center, etc).

Client Guidelines:
* I work with clients in San Francisco Bay Area, CA
* I travel to the client's residence to do all Reiki work
* Residence can be a home, senior citizen's home, hospital, hospice, drug treatment centers, etc.
* Treatments can be done in a chair, on a bed, or lying on the floor
* Any additional travel fees (i.e. amtrak, greyhound, etc) are paid by the clients
* Payments are made in cash
* Tips are always welcomed
* At least a 24-hr cancellation is required and appreciated
* Email me with your address, phone and dates/times wanted and I will get back to you

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"Reiki and Light"

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