Claire Fox on joining the Brexit Party Claire Fox: Brexit & Left. 2 days ago   04:38

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Claire Fox, a former member of Revolutionary Communist Party, speaks to Rod Liddle on why she has decided to join Nigel Farage's newly-formed Brexit Party. Read more:

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Dave 5400
I'd be curious to know how many people attended those rallies, compared to the second "referendum" and anti Trump rallies.
Roger Alsop
It is the sign of a real politician if they can change their mind with honesty.
Anthony AT
Oh god, that (communist) explains why I found her so tedious on TV during the EU parliament election... and no-one (as Rod will confirm) is more Brexiteer than I.
Move on to what,that is my question?
William Baynes
Yes! We must Vote Brexit!
George Swampy
Slowly but surely, Farage is going to take on the shyte from the Nazi Tory Party.
The British people are being coned by this professional con man. Ask this con man about the RobinTi.brook High Court Case. That he don’t want to talk about, Now the con man supports Trump in breaking up our NHS. SStart looking deeper into this con mans agenda.
Duncan Sands
Yorkshire is ready to dump labour, every time we see London Remainers screaming everyone's stupid but us; i want to smack the morons ! Prime minister Farage i would love to see that just piss them off!!
Arthur Pint
It is an extraordinary thing that the supporting the EU has become the trendy, hip thing to do, and is now associated with being liberal and open minded. In the UK the left rail against austerity, and the heartless Tories. Anybody who really wants to understand how hard nosed the EU is should listen to Yanis Varoufakis. They might then reconsider whether the EU is all that they imagine it to be.
the only place ira scum belong is on the gallows
stuzzie sentinel
Labour All my life Brexit party now ...
David Walker
And when the Brexit Party is in power can we expect its ex communists and Thatcherites to form a strong and stable government?
Dave xjs
Claire Thank You.
ben southwell
she has got more faces than a deck of cards
Yu Tub
What a pleasant intelligent lady.
Gar Sm
Liddle now publicising the Trotskyists ... democracy!! You couldn't make this up!!!
J. Harris.
The left and Labour are traitors to the working-class. The days of Atlee and Bevan have long since gone. Mass-immigration and anti-white politics is all the left does now.
do br
The elephant in the room that no politician & no journalist dare mention- people are stupid. The Brexit mess is not the EU's doing, Cameron's doing or Farago's doing, it's the British public's doing. I wouldn't ask the British public to tell me the time. Everyone likes to blame politicians, who elects the politicians? Yes, it's YOU, stupid YOU with your wheely bins & pubs & holidays. Crappy little Britain & it's crappy population. Here you all are praising an IRA supporting, peedo supporting Commie. You'll never learn
Czar Zenana
The problem in the UK is that Brexit took the place of religion and believe became the driving force instead of reason.
June Sweeney
Fascist comments like, 'People's Vote.' We had a 'People's Vote and WON! WTO! NOW!
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Claire Fox: Brexit & Left. Claire Fox on joining the Brexit Party 2 days ago   30:16

Recently selected as a Brexit Party MEP candidate, Academy of Ideas director and prominent left-wing activist Claire Fox is this week's guest. Peter asks her about Lexit, identity politics and how her friends and family reacted to the news of her decision to stand as a candidate for a party led by Nigel Farage.

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