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Claire Fox, a former member of Revolutionary Communist Party, speaks to Rod Liddle on why she has decided to join Nigel Farage's newly-formed Brexit Party. Read more:

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Nantwichfarmer William
I am with you Claire, democracy has to prevail....
Is this the Claire fox that supported the IRA when they bombed Warrington and killed 2 children and is an advocate of child pornography on the internet?
Keith Corbett-Butler
Claire Fox is a fucking commy Zombie' She looks like she's just been dug up!
Jason Paul
I'm sure someone mentioned a party named Change UK, who are they?. Oh, that's right, they're so irrelevant so not worth talking about haha.
mary ward
Rachel Johnson has dropped away from Change UK anyway since.
Norman J
Got a good feeling the Brexit party are going to change politics forever.
Christine Copus
At 76 years old have voted consecutive.never again that have let the country down big time.l will vote for the Brexit party 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 truth trust& democracy. Chuck May welcome WTO freedom & the Brexit party.
Elaine Reid
Me again people I've heard if you use a permanent marker at the ballot box your vote will be void sorry my bad
Elaine Reid
When you go to vote for the brexit party of course take your own pen not a pencil and make sure it's a permanent marker pen
Michael Ashworth
Wow. This is quite a find. I had always taken Liddle as a journalist who took his job seriously. Is this video paid for by The Sunday Times or the Brexit Party. It's pure propaganda. There's no mention of the very compelling reasons to hold a new referendum: proof of manipulation by foreign powers in the 2016 campaign (in favour of Leave), proven electoral fraud (over expenses), blatant lies such as the whopper about UK's budget contribution. Tigether those reasons invalidate the 2016 result already. When you add to that the Irish border issue which politicians of both sides ignored in 2016 and which we only now fully undrstand, plus the demographic change over 3 years (meaning that some aged Leave voters will never see the UK in their lifetime but whose vote means that a young generation - too young to vote in 2016 - would be condemned to living in a UK outside the EU, which they absolutely don't want. This short video doesn't even allude to any of this. It's a great example of the echo chamber. The majority of people seeing this won't even question its extraordinary bias. I smelled a rat when Liddle made a big thing about Claire Fox being on the left. No, she is not on the left and Liddle for sure knows that.
John Christian
so refreshing to hear genuine passion in the content and to highlight how important democracy actually is for ALL of us !!
Brexit is now about DEMOCRACY and NOTHING else matters without democracy !!
Leave your nose alone you always touch it. In Columbia you would be arrested !!
The whole thing is a class war. Nobody can know what will happen, because economics, being a social science, is notoriously incapable of predicting outcomes. Much of EU law, which has, in the legal sense, supremacy, would prohibit many of the policies being discussed by both right and left from becoming law. However we feel about such things as immigration, about which I generally do not care, the manner in which business works, about which I do, or any other aspect of our government, it is my opinion that our political parties should be in a position to promise that in which they believe, and be in a position to implement it, should they be elected.
Ralf Rath
The country is ruined. Britain is broken. But nevertheless, the Brexit Propaganda show must go on. But what is the result? A Brexit? A Brexit Deal? Or NO Brexit and a ruined country in chaos and disaster that no country can survive. So the UK if the UK can survive the next 6 month even if new riots start and the House of chaos disappeared. We need today a new Britain without atomic weapon a free Britain a strong Britain with a new democracy that works!🐶🦁🐱🐱‍👓🐨🐼🐰🐯🙊👩‍🔧🙇‍♀️
Ian Moore
Goss Kamperis
Can Chuka and his chums be recalled for quitting their elected party in the same way as
Fiona Onasanya?
Mary Martin
Yes we are treated as 'children of a lesser God', especially the children part. Too stupid, too working class, too old. Yep, that's us. That's the leave voters. Oh how I despise the inmates of the asylum that constitutes the House of Liars and Hypocrites, and their sidekicks in the House of Timeservers. If ever here was a swamp in need of draining they are it. The whole corrupt, self serving pack of them. A foul pestilence on the face of democracy.
Lesley Smith
The EU elections will be seen as another vote .for or against leaving .Mrs may banking on remainders doing well .NO BLOODY CHANCE .she should be shit...g her self .one person distroying the Tory party and its the pm
Bruce Maclennan
Until recently I did not know Claire Fox was a 'lefty'-which I certainly am not, but I have watched her many times on tv when discussing the next day's newspaper headlines and have always found she offers sensible and reasonable views, and I admire and respect her - even more so for having the guts to nail her Brexit colours to the leave campaign. She is the voice of reason.
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