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Owen Benjamin
I've been thinking a lot about masculinity and what it means as I prepare for my talk for Jesse Lee Peterson's charity event. Men need a right of passage to know they are men. Our sneaky friends the small hats may have an almost uncountable amount of flaws, but they do have a very real and very tangible right of passage when they know they are no longer a boy. What do baby boomers have? Gen X? Millenials? germination Z?
The moon lie changed everything and ruined masculinity for 50 years. Let's discuss.
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Michael Rodriguez
I used to think Owen was a self-centered lunatic who alienated himself from the people who helped him just for attention. But the more I’ve watched him over the last month I’ve come to realize how intelligent and thoughtful he is. Its strange admitting I’m wrong on something like this, but Owen is genuinely just a good dude who does his best to tell the truth and live a good life. Is anyone else here in the same boat? Anyone else a recent fan who used to dislike him, greatly?
Yolanta Sylvester
I’m left speechless after seeing the pics of the Circumcision included in this episode!
Barbaric, perverted and sick for sure! Does anyone know why it is done this particular way??
Sweet Jesus
Who's laughing now, Barry?
Stuart E
Everytime I hear that bassline on the piano I get so pumped lol
Sweet Jesus
Damn, Alabama Gov. is based as hell. There is no rehabilitation for pedos, nor do they deserve the opportunity to attempt rehabilitation. The ricidivism rates for them are insanely high.
Sweet Jesus
I love that Shaqeero becomes shorter by 1/4 Rogan when adorned in his small hat.
stretch tastic
So you're saying Alfa for hire? Kinda laughed over that.
Romega Vadquez
From the earth to the moon
stretch tastic
You're living right livelyhood by seaking truth and sharing your findings with others
I've never taken DMT but I've taken some healthy doses of mushrooms. I haven't found anything negative or indulging effects from those experiences. If anything, it has grown my capacity for love and brought me closer to my woman, friends and family.
Huh, Swardson's gay??? I honestly had no idea! Best kind of gay guy! Not making a big deal about it.
The Villan
@2:11 hey owen take your mic out the meat grinder, it will sound better XD
Big Bear Clips
Discipline equals freedom,.
Bryan LaPointe
It really feels like the cult like appeal of Jordan Peterson is dying down. I was one of them for a while then i was like wtf is guy talking about? Lobsters? What a psycho.
Tom Q Bear
Sweet! BB showcased my rogan definition!
BigRob Rooks
Thank you mane, you was onnit tonight big bear
Baptiste Barabbas
the mask, but white 1:50:53
Brisbane Lifestyle
Bum SaQueero has smug cunning eyes.
Liam Carey
Pray for protection from the wicked and the safety of all the wicked encounter?
You make me smile i am a subscriber to unauthorised tv
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#521 The Death of Stand Up Comedy #545 Right (rite) of Passage 1 day ago   1:49:37

After being purged from comedy clubs, outside of the horrible Netflix special, I rarely get to see the current state of comedy in America. Judging by the pathological reaction establishment comedians have had toward my obvious observations, I assumed it wasn't going well. But it's way worse than I could have imagined. Let's watch a clip someone sent me yesterday of what comedy is now, and then let's rethink many of the givens we had five years ago that may no longer be true.