Trump Dodges Questions on Mueller, So Much News, So Little Time 1 day ago   14:29

Late Night with Seth Meyers
Seth takes a closer look at the president resisting calls to release his tax returns and calling the people who investigate him traitors.
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Trump Dodges Questions on Mueller, Tax Returns, WikiLeaks: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

Comments 5026 Comments

Yanan Liu
I'm more appalled by the arrogance than surprised by the dumbness of that Kentucky congressman...
J.T. Malo
Hows that Mueller report fuckface?

Avenatti 2020
Gordon Adams
You are hilarious!!! I'm sitting in the living room on my laptop and every time I start laughing they stare at me like I'm crazy.
Jomayra Mendez
What’s the big deal? Does he have something to hide? Why is this a big deal when releasing tax returns is something presidents have done historically
Acid smokemachine
Does it not worry you American's that he legit hasn't said anything more coherent than that in 2 ish years......?
AWAKENing Questions
the girl in the back in white shirt was trying not to laugh so hard
I mean, some of the jokes are allright but he´s wrong about the sum up
People can laugh all they want about Julian Assange's cat and how he wasn't the best tenant locked away all those years in the embassy. Late night TV hosts can tell their stupid jokes to help the audience know what to think about this. But releases like this real news actually tell us a lot more about why very powerful people are working to crush him and make the challenge he and others represent just disappear.
"Julian Assange is going to be illegally extradited and tortured in the U.S.A. for helping reveal the atrocities of the US Government in invaded countries" *Audience laughs*
Dawn B
you would know if it sucks to be that dumb!!
Dawn B
He is saying that the irs is slow or stupid!! Another slap from the president. I wonder if the commissioner bent over for that one!
This idiot Seth Meyers is making fun of Julian Assange, a real journalist, something this clown Meyers will never be. Why I'm not surprised?
"I'm landing the plane right now......" AG Barr sounds like an idiot.
an [R] in front of your name is the new badge of honor for DUMB people. [12:35]
"it sucks for your BOSS to be that dumb " ........................... savage
harley hawk
LIBERAL media 🤔😁😁😁😁🤢🤧🤮🤮🤮🤮💩💩💩💩
Kaylee Lockheart
The race track was literally where Tony stark met whiplash.
Still can’t believe this mother fucker is the POTUS!
Roedy Green
Why does CNN keep giving Trump free air time to spout conspiracy theories?
Grasping at straws...
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So Much News, So Little Time Trump Dodges Questions on Mueller, 1 day ago   06:27

Bernie Sanders comes clean about his millionaire status, scientists release the first photo of a black hole, and Maxine Waters and Steve Mnuchin square off in a tense congressional hearing.

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