LANDLORDS WORST NIGHTMARE DEC 22 2011 The sickest most infested Bed Bug job in Syracuse 1 week ago   17:29

opolara 1
I go to my rental property to collect the overdue rent and find the place vacant. The tenant has skipped and the property is destroyed and flea infested This damage is done by a mother, son and her pregnant daughter whom I have helped over the past few years. This property was completly renovated 3 years ago. I gave them reduced rent to help them out in turn she was to to be a long term tenant and take good care of my property Notice the bathroom downstairs.They were using the bathtub as a toilet. She was known to be a dirtbag. I learned too late.

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Elizabeth Burton
Do yourself a favor and sell it, don't rent it!
yikes what a shame some disgusting nasty folks
Gina Dillon
Complete lowlifes, leave it the way you got it!
Lady Grey
Curious to know if the income you made was worth the amout of repairs ya had to make ??
Teneeshia Mitchell
So the pregnant daughter smoked 5 packs a day?! Lol Its bad already. No need to add to it. They are filthy!
Gloria Davis
Obviously this lady has to be a little retarded in some kinda way!!! That's why I don't eat people food I don't know and I don't go to people houses either!!! Some people are so nasty that they need to live in a tent seriously!!! SMH! 😝
Holly McGee
Oh please! there is absolutely no need to gut everything wow you are so over dramatic. so lame
Holly McGee
Maybe 800 for cleaning. ..painting. .. it's not near as bad as many I have seen
This is horrid. There’s regular wear and tear and then there’s blatant negligence. This is disgusting. So sorry dude. People don’t have values or morals. ☹️
Margaret deVries
I never left a place that wasn’t better than I got it !! No Excuse for this filth !!
Crystl Fire
OWNER AFTER OWNER screwed over by tenants. THE courts and judges are all for the tenants not realizing or caring the damage they do!!
Most sarcastic Canadian
Bob Fischer
Worked property mangement welfare tenet skipped out left a refregerater full of food and unpluged refregerater andit sat for a month or so.
Bob Fischer
The mess could get worse seem cats destroy drywall and wooden floors. Apartments are unrentable.
Lara Zamboni
Now I want to clean every inch of my house
Mackenzie Dau
Haha London 😂 I'm hours away in Toronto 🍁
Deborah J
A former friend of mine lived like that with her baby and 2 daughter's. Totally disgusting.!!!
limpin goatfarm
stomach churning, been there done that, similar story only it was a single dad with out a place to go with his kids, no regular job and few prospects.I had to as they say 'take a Cat' to that house I renovated with my own two hands, stripping old plaster and lath and installing new drywall(walls and ceiling), insulation, new trim and linoleum. Took me FIVE months and court to get them out over the course of those months they destroyed everything and broke every window... I just lost heart and called my dirt work guy. He enjoyed it immensely as did I. A lot of work, alot of money reduced to a pile of rubble. Was a POWERFUL lesson. I had a few lessons in life that turned me from a flaming LIBERAL into a STRICT CONSERVATIVE... after I turned life got MUCH better. Charity begins and belongs at home. usually some one has a sob story because of their own deeds/misdeeds.
this has got to be the worst god dam camera work I have ever fucking seen. god dam
Justice Passmore
People like this make it so hard for good people to rent. I invited the guy I was trying to rent from to my current house just to prove to him that just because I'm young doesn't mean I will do things like this. He was shocked to see my house so immaculent with a 3 year old and a 8 month old.. And I actually thought to myself.. ? Isnt living clean normal.. apparently fucking not..
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The sickest most infested Bed Bug job in Syracuse LANDLORDS WORST NIGHTMARE DEC 22 2011 1 week ago   04:23

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This man had bed bugs so bad but failed to ever tell his apartment management. He claimed that he never saw even 1. We did full inspections on this high-rise just for bed bugs and ran across this! We basically bagged up everything and then threw his bed and bedding out. We then treated just 1x with a follow up and they never returned!
Town and Country Solutions/K9 bed bug investigations took care of this problem! or Find us on: Rochester,Buffalo,Syracuse,Niagara falls NY. 585-426-5024. 6 month guarantees!!!
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