LANDLORDS WORST NIGHTMARE DEC 22 2011 Gross filth cleanup (757) 2 weeks ago   17:29

opolara 1
I go to my rental property to collect the overdue rent and find the place vacant. The tenant has skipped and the property is destroyed and flea infested This damage is done by a mother, son and her pregnant daughter whom I have helped over the past few years. This property was completly renovated 3 years ago. I gave them reduced rent to help them out in turn she was to to be a long term tenant and take good care of my property Notice the bathroom downstairs.They were using the bathtub as a toilet. She was known to be a dirtbag. I learned too late.

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Missie Smith
Compared to the eviction house I cleaned, I would LOVE to get a house like that on my roster. Instead I get lots of dirty diapers, used feminine products stuck to walls, LOTS of used needles and drug stuff, and a whole lot of crap (literally) everywhere. Even on the ceilings!!!

You should be happy that they left the tub, sinks, light fixture, fans, fridge, and the wiring in the walls. They take that stuff all the time. More than you would believe!

And they've even taken A/C unit, heat pumps, water heaters, ovens! You name it and I've seen it.
Tamari kimani
Its past midnight and i feel like i just want to clean my house!
lisa y
House is trashed...but those windows and sills i strongly question when even shown on the outside that the paint is peeling....interior may be dirty but looks more like mold and water damage
dazed genius
You have such a can demeanor considering the mess these horrible tenants left for you. I would love for you to be my landlord, if I didn't own my own home, because I could show you what a great tenant can be. So sorry these assholes left your place in this condition and just be more careful to whom you rent to
kim nguyen
I don’t think she knew how to use that carpet cleaner
Meghan Owen
Hi there. I work as a researcher for Newsflare. I am looking for clips about neighbours and houses for a new TV show. It would be great to use this clip if you're interested! Please email me at ASAP. Thanks, Meghan
queen kunt
These videos make me so happy I'm NOT a landlord. Still feel bad for him
Kenneth Nonya
Looks like the bathroom downstairs the drain clogged and ran up thru the tub.. in the tenants defense people don't bother scrubbing down houses after they move out anymore because landlords expect you to pay rent but don't live in the house.. in other words don't put a Nick in a wall or walk on the light colored carpet.. but if you do then they use that as a excuse to keep the deposit.. 95% of the time they keep the deposit so people make them clean the house.. simple as that
linda dent
I would like to see pictures of the property before& a after some landlords are just rent collectors.He said he came to pick up overdue rent how often did he inspect his property?He is a typical slum Lord outside of the property says the inside may be unkept also he's mad because he didn't get any rent.This property was no good to start with he will rent it out again making no sugnifant repairs at all he only wants his rent.That thin carpet is a joke he fails as a landlord.
Linda Farner
These peoples were pigs. They never cleaned the whole time they lived there. All the peoples who claims this was normal wear and tear tells everyone exactly how you live as pigs
dazed genius
I'm not saying that this place is not disgusting but I've seen a lot worse on YouTube. I've seen a lot of section 8 houses that are completely destroyed with garbage piled almost to the ceiling! It's sad that people will do this, I've always made sure that any place I rented was clean when I left. I'm now been a homeowner for 25 years and will never rent out my home just because of what I've seen on YouTube!
Ron Wilson
*Rental properties: Potential profit and income for owners, disposable "use it up and move on to another" for tenants. Everyone wins.*
cat sniffer
So how about doing inspections?
WhisperingPizza ASMR
“Thought that was a turd” 😂
Kathy Burkhardt
What the hell is wrong with freakin people. This is shockingly horrible!!!
Omg that is absolutely desgusting what pigs
Barbara Powell
Why do you put carpet in a rental ?
Just tile the place wall to wall never have to replace carpet again PLUS it's easier to keep the floors CLEAN ... Because pigs will be pigs .
Bonnie Howell
Melissa B
I'm sorry this happened to you.
jacob galyen
I know this is 2018 but just a tip from my experience of flipping houses and trashing out houses for the banks, the carpets being like that and them ripping up the one room and stains on the wood and holes in walls and the busted up door is tell tell signs of a meth contaminated house hold if not cooking it was a highly used environment. Just thought I'd though that out there for the video maker and others how are in the business
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Gross filth cleanup (757) LANDLORDS WORST NIGHTMARE DEC 22 2011 2 weeks ago   02:53

Renters clogged up the toilet overflowing it onto the floor. Then started pooping in pans then just gave up and used the whole bathtub as a community toilet. AFTERCARE cleans what others will not. Free Estimates (757) 535-4367