How I became a victim of the Tesla system THE VERDICT: Tesla Powerwall and Solar 3 months ago   10:50

Rich Rebuilds
Update on my missing Tesla model X. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse. It does. Also special guest appearance by Momma Rebuild

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Well you bought a car you didn't have pictures of or know the condition before hand. Wahhhhh
Hahaha love your moms response lol
Jason McEwan
Is your mom Jamaican?
Samir H.
Rich Uploaded 2 Videos About Getting Screwed Over By Tesla. LET THAT SINK IN!
Your mom is so right! He is sending people into space and can't get you in your car....smh.
Sounds like you need to report this payment as fraud and tell Tesla to keep their imaginary model x, will all that extra money u could afford to dye the gray hairs this situation has caused you (no offense intended) btw I've gotten a few kicks outta a couple of your other videos, great work and you've got a good voice for the videos.
Rad Raad
Damn I really wanted a Tesla but this seems to happen very often so I’m gonna wait another year and a half maybe
Jerry Chan
Tesla is poorly operated. They’re still a operate like a new company. With the latest layoffs, moral has gone down. I hope Tesla will succeed, but we shall see. Like most companies, its about pushing products to lock in profits.
Joseph Hill
I work at a tech company and the CEO is a huge fan of Elon...just for a little reference, this sounds like something we go through in production. Customer gets promised a certain date for product, then gets the run around for two weeks because we actually haven't even started on it
De LaMar
Tesla might be ahead of all others technology wise but is in the stone age when it comes to build quality, business processes and customer service.
Ugh, this must've been very frustrating, I can imagine.
Pretty much exemplifies my experience in the US, tho. Not delivering on promises, weak excuses, generally disorganized systems, and then always the arbitrary "we're really sorry" at the end, like that's gonna help anything...
Marcin Gornik
Rich, I recommended to my friend that buying a pre-owned Model X is the best way to go. They found beautiful P90D X in Mount Cisco NY. It was a nightmare, we went to the Service Center once which was pretty far, were notified it was not ready their bad. Next time my friends were told it was ready we went to find out that it has severe damage and it was spray painted by a toddler to fix. We were pissed they started looking for another pre-owned but I knew that they will not get one in time. Finally they ended up ordering brand new one it arrived in less than 2 weeks before promised delivery time. I can't even begin to describe how our entire experience was over there. How many people were waiting to be driven by shuttle MOdel X's to another location to wait there for at least an hour to pick up their cars. Holy cow, at least they let me plug in my car to charge because of all this driving I was almost out of battery lol. I felt like I recommended so shady as dealer to my friends to get their car from. I got my model S pre-owned from a private owner, it was a really smooth and trouble free transaction. If you ever need to get temp tags for a new car you purchase let me know, I can get you temp dealer tags :) Yeah pre-owned buying experience with Tesla is loco.
Taus Ul Bari
Francis Broussard Wealth & Income
Man I was hoping u would get the loaner because u would have that loaner to infinity and beyond
🤣🤣🤣 they never would have got your car lol
your mom is awsome man lol
Ahmed Mansour
Bro your mom 😂😂 “he’s taking people to space but can’t put you in your car”
Tad P
Hahah... oh man I'm getting a kick out of this video. This is what happens when a bunch of computer nerds decide that they want to "destroy the car industry as we know it" thinking that the combined centuries of automaker experience was "stupid". Your story isn't exactly an isolated incident as you know. Just for perspective, I bought a Hummer H1 in Hawaii, had it shipped to Southern California, repainted, totally redone interior, brushguard, roofrack, LEDs, new wheels tires, and mechanical overhaul - then shipped to Maine in the span of 4 months. This is for a 20 year old truck where some of the parts aren't even *made* anymore. I always love it when the computer nerds (which, I am one fwiw) think that they can apply their narrow experiences in the technology world to any problem and expect that their "genius" will make everything work better than before.
Robert Gallegos
I can't believe you didn't cancel your order.
Andrew Townsend
"what kind of business man is he?" ... Well he's not, he's an engineer lmfao
spaceX not electric cars (rocketships.. yes.. cars.. Not so much)
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THE VERDICT: Tesla Powerwall and Solar How I became a victim of the Tesla system 3 months ago   20:06

THE VERDICT: Tesla Powerwall and Solar Review After 6 Months!
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Here's the full Tesla Powerwall + Solar experience reviewed, 6 months later -- I walk through the installation timeline, examples of the system in use and go over the costs & expected time until my investment pays for itself.

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