Taste testing Burger King's Halloumi & Mushroom Burger | Shane 2 days ago   02:51

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Vegetarians and cheese lovers alike rejoice because Burger King has just announced a new addition to its menu: a halloumi burger.

We tucked into the cheesy feast and here's what we thought.

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L Micky
Absolutely furious this isn’t suitable for vegetarians. It’s cooked in the same oil as their chicken and fish! Thought mine tasted chickeny. Very poor and Burger King better put their hand in their pockets cos vegetarianism and veganism is on the rise. This is not acceptable to create a veggie burger but not be suitable! 🤬
Wolverine Scratch
Vegan because there's a shortage in cows which means less milk... which means no tea, y'all better fix up
Stop calling them slabs, you foolish woman! 🤣
Oluwafemi Oguntimehin
y has it got 53 dislikes...
James Ross
The only news article on the Independent YT channel in 4 days is a woke advert for Burger King? 

What happened to the revolution, comrades?
Trinity Groves
How can it be vegetarian when it's cheese that comes from a goat, sheep or cow?
shaun graves
Must be some kind of eggless mayonnaise. Guess it's possible but didn't think you could make it without eggs. Probably wrong though. Just wondering.
WTF is halloumi?
Philip Lee
What the fuck is a hallumi burger? I dont get these vegan nutassers. If you dont want meat, dont go to fuckin Burger King. Go to vegan ass plant restaurant and critique the fuck you like. Jesus. Its like going to a fucking steak house and then asking why there arent plant steaks.
What in the fuck is halloumi?!? What is it... Like a fat baked queef from a transgender binary GOOFBALL idiot who decides what gender it is in the morning and demands equal pay for less work/ shittier product...? Hmmmm. I'll pass.
Nah fuck it. I'll contribute to the delusion. Give me two
Toad Phillips
cheese? Can't be that bad.
Isn't it weird you can easily tell who's a vegan just by looking at them?
David Cisneros
Vegetarians should piss off!
Jdi Dd
Don't trust fast food burgers the fda labeled pink slime as meat so now they don't have to tell you a scientist for the fda said even supermarket ground beef has pink slime over 70%
You were doing a taste test video, so you ate it before you could give your first impressions on camera?
That burger looks really good.
Not eating Burger King anymore. Not eating faggot burgers.
I would rather eat that girl on the right than that nasty burger
Stuart Pickles
British Inbreeding has really affected the man on the left.
vinny Cool
“When you want the shits, but still want to feel healthy.”
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Halloumi & Mushroom Burger | Shane Taste testing Burger King's 2 days ago   06:26

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