Tales from the Trenches Ep.1 ABC of Battlefield 1 | The Medic (Animated Short) 2 months ago   04:08

Welcome to Tales from the Trenches! Stories from the battlefield told by the legendary General DRBC through flashbacks. In the pilot episode, the exploits of the sniper, Killer Assassin 483 and the medic, Doc MacDonald, are shared, along with their heroic effects to take apples despite all odds.

ABC of Battlefield 1 | The Medic

Animation by: DopaTwo

VO by: DRBC007

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Cameron Da Man!
*when PE starts and everyone has to go through one door* RUSH B
Daniel Lukin
Maybe consider adding more realistic weapons, uniforms, and make enemy trenches instead of huge bunkers
Bffs was better.
Ashton Hundt
More plz
WutanGGuy Gaming
Did anyone else hear the guy say dude I just spawned when they rushed
Jayden Kearney
That's ww1 there is only bolt action
_Dylan- _James2018-
Bff is better
No fucking idea what is going on
PHD Flopper
Yeah people are being such a**holes not accepting this animation
Xxx Tentacion
Rip all the animation characters
Night Hawk
Its legit a buttface (._.)
brick house
The Call of Duty hacker part was funny
Ulises R
So this is supposed to replace BFF? That's sad.
Kim The Pikachu
God this was bad.
amirul iddin
remembering of buttface
Rickie Littlefield
It's vertiigos brother
Draka Shrakenburg Productions
This isn't that good
kawala Dy
Battlefield 1?
This is the stupidest fucking shit ive not cared to finish watching from you. What the fucking hell is this shit? definitely disliking this video. bring back BFFs, because at least its worth watching.
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ABC of Battlefield 1 | The Medic (Animated Short) Tales from the Trenches Ep.1 2 months ago   02:06

This is a quick, animated guide for BF1. From noob, for noobs.
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ABC of Battlefield 1 | The Medic (Animated Short)