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Cooking extra cheesy pizzas. Store-bought Bolognese & Hawaiin pizzas. Plus updates & bonus footage. Australia Vlog 61.

My Gear https://goo.gl/UFdx2x

Music: Bird Creek

B Adventures, Australian travel vlogger.

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Jason in Missouri
There's nothing wrong with a good homemade frozen pizza and some beer!
mmm yeah, nothin like an extra cheesy pizza! Put some tabasco sauce in there and wooh! And then some coke to wash it down, man! My mouth is watering just thinking about it!...and that's not halo halo, it's HAIL-O HAIL-O! Get it? Hail-o hail-o? Cuz it's made of hail? Oh never mind LOL
garnett faulkner
Hey b i was wondering how your moringa was going. i put a moringa in about 8 months back its 7 foot tall now. i live in mackay it loves the humid weather here. its amazing how good it is for your health. i feel great since i started eating it.
Resdep 2001
Looks like you gained weight....no stress...
john beggs
Awesome, Love the Tassie devil and tiger oven mits hehe
Not travelling back to do Philippine island tour
vlogs anymore with the enforcer?.
Love Hawaiian pizza even here in Honolulu! Pizza and beer, the perfect combination. I used work nights and after work we would sometimes have pizza and beer to wind down and people look at us weird but we tell them we just got off work! :D
Even your not in philippines your a pretty cool guy. A frozen or carry out pizza is just the begging,create your own! Eat on
Chase Top secret
Hope you head back to the Philippines soon man. Making my third trip end of June. About a week each in Cebu and coron.
Thomas Paine
B hope your well God bless you
Debt management101
nice to see you back B!
Erik de la cruz
.......... i read *PIZZA* , i smash LIKE........... :D
ricky usa
Looks good! Aren't you glad us Americans taught the world about pizza? The Italians may have invented it but it took the Americans to perfect if. You're welcome.
Good to see you back. Horrible how work can get in the way 😂😂😂. That's a cool water feature your mate has...now I have a craving for pizza. Take care👍👍
Steven Szabo
Hey, welcome back brother. I was wondering where you got off to. Good to see you back.
J. B. Arches
Oh you’re back! And with cheesy pizza haha
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Pizza Bacon Cheddar Home Pizza Night, Extra 2 days ago   02:34

Pizza Bacon Cheddar


- 500g de Mussarela
- 300g de Bacon Picado
- 300g de Requeijão Cheddar
- 100ml de Molho de Tomate
- 1 Massa de Pizza
- Orégano

Tempo de Preparo 45min
Modo de preparo:
Assista o vídeo

MELHOR MASSA DE PIZZA DO MUNDO ➜ https://ai-tube.com/videoai/YdymA9eQEpf

Siga no instagram ➜ http://instagram.com/strange_pizza
Facebook ➜ https://www.facebook.com/StrangePizzaOficial

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Felipe Rodrigues