David Cameron's Speech - BBC - Election David Cameron: The next age of government 1 day ago   10:46

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David Cameron has reached out to the Liberal Democrats in an effort to form a government - after the UK general election resulted in a hung parliament.

The Tory leader, whose party won most seats but was short of a majority, said he wanted to make a "big open and comprehensive offer" to the Lib Dems.


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Vicky Rangi Shambamuto
What's with British People and mixing with foreigners...And then you get Shared Governments, the same as in Zimbabwe...Geeehhh..😎😎 But it's ALL about CHARISMA...
Ivan Bombana
I'm the like number 110
Zaeem Najeeb
Its been 4 years since anyone gave a damn about this video
Sooner he is out..the better!
are you serious!!!
we are in a terrible state now and all he does is give our money away to other countries!
Tasnim Siddiqa Amin
With language like that you certainly confirm the way I see you 'right wing idiots'
Paul Croft
I keep waiting for him to turn into a pig.
There is no way forward, Camerons not helping Labour didn't help. To make progress we need a leader who knows how to lead. It's not going to happen, they're all too wrapped up in their own self importance.
The urgent work must begin by cutting jobs, having unemployment at its highest since thatcher, making public believe there is a deficit, attacking pensions, causing the biggest strikes for a 100 years and causing the worst riots this country has seen. Clegg is only in this, as for him, this is as good as it gets and the closest to being in office. Cameron takes from the poor, only to give the rich. And bet he sleeps soundly.
richard tom
a brilliant moment that relegated labour to "pointless" for 5+ years
Gavin Martin
he had the most votes and seats
Alan Berkeley
@martin1000890 He wasn't elected.
Alan Berkeley
@MrRobertJameson No of course not... and neither was he Cameron.. he has no mandate..
José Guilherme
fuck off.
check this out:

Rome Fell
Is that hair gel on daves hair??? or just a bit of satans spunk....
Has to be the biggest lier around , still what do we expect from a tory.
Gavin Martin
It is not an joke everybody voted for him i didn't
Alan Berkeley
@martin1000890 I think you meant that as some kind of joke... 36% of the electorate voted for him in the 2010 General Election... 36% is not everybody.. I would say everybody would be 100%...
Gavin Martin
David Cameron was elected as prime minster because everyone voted for him
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David Cameron: The next age of government David Cameron's Speech - BBC - Election 1 day ago   14:33

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