Why is the Home Office getting so many ILR DAY IN OUR LIFE | HOW TO APPLY UK PR/SETTLEMENT VISA 7 months ago   03:28

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The Home Office has come under fire numerous times for its treatment of immigrants, with a string of media stories documenting how people who have the right to be in the UK have been threatened with deportation and even detained in immigration centres.

The Independent's Social Affairs correspondent May Bulman investigates the cause of the problems.

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Andy Lanigan
Lammy is a hypocrite. He served in the Labour government that started the Windrush debacle, and has been called out for his lack of humility.
omer mirza
Home office are only after money
Efrin Afrin
Fick u Home Ofis
Jack Brown
Welcome to multiculturalism, under mass immigration scale.
Bird Dog
The home office is all about destroying Britain. They all need to be killed as soon as possible. .or would you rather your children get minced out . HO funded pie
Sod Thelotayou
I think its time to sweep the shit out of the home office,the staff there are no longer fit for purpose.Time to get rid of those helping to perpetuate the ' hostile environment'.
Fred Blogs
Why is the Home Office getting it wrong? Do they REALLY have to ask that question?! It’s blatantly obvious! We’re being governed from overseas already. Watch this video for enlightenment... https://ai-tube.com/videoai/wZNSZjpY40Z
the dude dude
Fuck you all of yll sitting there I know that yll are Muslims by the way you've treated the Christian woman from Iran who was seeking asylum. I hope yr wives cheat on you and yr daughters marry muslims. I am a Christian myself and I hate this administration as it does not function ethically.
Jaspreet Singh
Shit government doing shit with eveyone
Efrin Afrin
Fuck yuo home Office
Sabah Hoti
I was born in the uk and the Home office wanted to deport me and I'm homeless
mikey garcia
And don't forget British people being forced to leave the UK because they don't earn 18600 to be with their non eu spouses.(Canadians Australians Americans and other non eu countries) And here in the North not many people earn that unless you live in London. And Europeans can bring their entire family in UK but UK citizens can't it's crazy. Not only that as some cases British people that lived abroad when they want to come back to the UK with their wife's and children they discover they can't come. so British people are in theory barred and stoped entering into the country and in theory that's why UK is deporting British people too
And the immigration procces cost for each person £ 10 000 not included lawers fees. And 18600 they say is to make inmigrant to integrate so the average British person is not integrated into sociaty as far as I know because average British person don't earn 18600. So it means working class people in this country are not integrated is that what you mean home office. That's an insult in theory. Other thing is that integration doesn't mean I have to buy smart phones buying new cars and going holidays 5 times a year lol Integration is more than how much you earn. It's about adopting British values and have contact with the British community. Lol and the citizen test is stupid because everyone can memoriez history. But not many adopt the British values. And don't forget too that this fees are different from the eu and Germany it could cost only 300euros to 600 euros for all prosses to bring your wife into Europe while UK charge you £10 000 you kind of feel you've been ripped off including bad service too and take around 6 to 1 year each extention and massive amount of paperwork and not only that if you miss a little papper they refuse you and you pay it all again. As an Inmigrant you kind of feel unwelcomed eather because they don't want to help you and they just wants to find any reason to deport you when you make the aplication. And instead of taking 10 000 pounds can be used for the Inmigrant to integrate more into sociaty and not removing massive amount from their pockets.. Ohhh not only that the answer of the home office says thanks to new technology family life can be made by Skype and WhatsApp. Insane. so that will be the answer from the home office for refusing you to have right to have a family that will be the answer . Or move to your wife or husband country. And even in Japan that is one of the most strict countries to Inmigrate they allow wife's and husbands and your children to get into Japan with no problem . I think is is crazy even Europe told to UK to stop doing that but UK continue doing it as normal playing with British peoples life to acheave their stupid targets. Eu protect family life and is a human right. As far as I know
they don't give a shit.
I have personally known many many people who have clearly never been to the country they claim to be from get leave to remain and at least one person with a very genuine case be deported and murdered within 24 hours of returning to Afghanistan.
Seems everything may involved goes wrong
Excellent informative report thank you
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ILR DAY IN OUR LIFE | HOW TO APPLY UK PR/SETTLEMENT VISA Why is the Home Office getting so many 7 months ago   11:32

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