Teen Titans Go! | Meet the Tooth Teen Titans Go! | Will You Be My Valentine? 2 days ago   03:28

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The Teen Titans come face to face with the Tooth Fairy

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lucio kalen
Tooth fairy: I do what any normal person would do with teeth I EAT THEM

Me: U mean eat WITH them right??!?!!😅
Changezee Zee
Eww worst episode Starfire says to the tooth fairy do you play with the teeeeths
rhea aguila
George Harvey
This is just gross.
karina Santos
*Top 10 Fastest Eaters on earth*
The Perfect Pig
i get why there are barely any comments...
Mid Lane Only
Ed Momdragon
That tooth fairy is ugly
Sour Dough
Everytime this episode came on and Robin said "Don't I look glamorous" me and my brothers would start dying💀
Amanda Lee
I love your video
Amanda Lee
I like teen tintans
Jacob Ok
Raven u savage
Claudine Bambu
Rustam Narboyev
Cool vid, CN UK!
Kevin Bonilla
That’s just.......gross
Sylveon Ribbon
Byrone Abbott
Why dosent raven just use her magic and get them new teeth
Jerek Olmeda
0:02 Who notice jokers teeth
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Teen Titans Go! | Will You Be My Valentine? Teen Titans Go! | Meet the Tooth 2 days ago   30:00

It's Valentine's Day! All the Titans need to figure out is who is the best match for them. Easy right!

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