TRULY TERRIBLE KICKSTARTERS (Kickstarter Just Say OK To Scammers 6 months ago   11:50

i talk about kickstarter scams. nice


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"maybe I'll have something more interesting than a bed in the background"
Now you have a bed *AND A SHELF*
Kurdish Elite
The thing is alluminium*
Super Piggy Enchilada
Rip slazo audio
Matt Hough
Application to move out accepted? What are you in a Juvenile detention centre?
Dale Harden
Dogs don't have finger
Khoi Sousa
you used greatscott's video without crediting him
tendy boi
Audio quality!! Huuaaaaaah it's
oh my lord I thought I broke my headphones
spud crisp
"good day m'lady i heard you need an r/niceguy i have my retractable stick of defending your rights shall we depart? *tips fedora*"
Lol,the gross people on Instagram are going to edit their photos. Heavily. It's not like they're taking photos and posting them right away. Still dumb tho
3:29 ... Did you know these "stats" he is pulling out of his arse are totally made up? Bloody hell I work in several hospitals and they all fill about a 55 gallon drum with batteries two times a week because they need new batteries for every single patient even if they had been barely used because they can't risk the batteries going flat (Which is why I find it hilarious the commercials of battery companies saying "trusted by hospitals everywhere" where in reality they change out the batteries even at 98% charge because they don't trust the batteries) and (most) hospitals do recycle their batteries. I don't know about you but most my devices now a days use rechargable batteries and the few things that don't, I put in rechargable batteries (not because of the "enviornment" but rather just because it is a hell of a lot cheaper to buy a pack of 4 AA rechargeable batteries and recharge them twice a week for a year before they melt themselves then it is to buy 80-100 packs of non rechargeable ones. I can't see the average person using 9x the amount of batteries that a hospital uses, let alone non rechargeable ones.
Sascha B
Love how you used the McDonald's McCafé logo as if it was an antivirus software.
Alex Nordby
“Tectonic Stick” ad = Ultimate Neckbeard How-to Video.
*Lady Pank
Those levitating chargers remind me of the enchantment table from minecraft
That "metal stick" is called a bo staff, and i guarantee in the right hands, that "metal stick" could slap the fucking accent out your gullet xd

chicken luxa
Slazo you have killed the food surgeons channel
Dogsz dont hev finger
Pat has 5 Lungs
The stick would look badass as part of a cosplay tho
I kick life's ass
White CIS Cum
Nobody is gonna buy that stick
Dude: Hold my fedora.
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Just Say OK To Scammers TRULY TERRIBLE KICKSTARTERS (Kickstarter 6 months ago   06:42

My mailbox gets a lot of scam emails - I used to partake in some pretty elaborate scam baiting ventures - I think it's only fair to annoy and waste their time - but just recently, I hit upon a way to do that with almost no investment of effort. Just say OK to scammers!