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Miriam Bucholtz
We used to include those things in the lease packet that you mentioned. Something else I used to put in was a list of certain places that people need to use, like grocery stores, drug stores, library, etc. It gives the impression that the people in charge of the building are interested in their tenants plus, not everybody is going to know right off where these places are when they move in.
Jessica Godare
What I do is a video of the house/ apartment before i move in and do the same for the place I'm moving out. I've seen people even post videos on youtube and facebook so that gives you a date stamp of when the video was made and posted. And if you do have to take your landlord to court you have that to back yourself up.
Teri Genteman
Does the membership include a digital Lease package that you send to us? Do you teach us how to set up a place online for them to get the lease packet and to watch the video explanation?
Cat Momma
And Before moving in...ALWAYS Take Photo evidence of what condition property is in...GREAT FOR BOTH SIDES.
Cat Momma
Simply should have told her..
"I'm willing to leave them on until Monday evening..if you haven't put the utilities into your name by then, I will be turning them off"
Angela Lewis-Sanchez
The video is a good idea-a bit impolite
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Tenant Inspections: 5 Things Tenants Checklist for landlords when tenants 3 months ago   05:11

Share Over time a rental property can start to look and feel really dirty if you aren't staying on top of the cleanliness of the property. When you're doing move out and move in inspections here are 5 things most people miss and that, over time, make your house sparkle or drown in dirt.