Underground Labyrinth “Ravne”, Visoko, Ceremonia przywitania lata - Bośnia 1 day ago   03:12

Iztok Conic
Probably the most popular aspect of the 'pyramid' archaeological zone is the Ravne labyrinth. A dozen or more kilometres of tunnels supposedly date back many millenia. Though later filled up and only re-excavated over the past decade, guides suggested that they were originally excavated by the same super-culture that built the 'Pyramid of the Sun'.

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Ceremonia przywitania lata - Bośnia Underground Labyrinth “Ravne”, Visoko, 1 day ago   34:31

Janusz zagórski opowiada o wyprawie do Bośni i ceremonii powitania lata, która odbyła się na bośniackiej piramidzie.