Daniel Gillies Uncross The Stars_12 Daniel Gillies in Snow Queen 3 months ago   01:07

Clipping Greatness
No copyrights infringement intended. I just share the greatness.

I have many different clips, if there's one you want don't hesitate to ask.
Please know that my channels tend to be deleted frequently because of the contents of my upload. If it happens, just look for a clip I had already uploaded as I reupload everything from my past channels.

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Daniel Gillies in Snow Queen Daniel Gillies Uncross The Stars_12 3 months ago   01:29

Clip of Daniel Gillies as Delfont Chalfont in the made-for-TV movie Snow Queen (2002), directed by David Wu, inspired by the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen.

The Summer Princess (played by Kira Clavell) tries to marry Gerda (played by Chelsea Hobbs) to one of the many eligible bachelors at her court.

I own no rights to this footage. It is the property of Hallmark Entertainment.