Everything Wrong With Hellboy Everything Wrong With Spawn 1 day ago   18:39

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With a new Hellboy movie on the way, we felt obligated to tackle Hellboy II: The Golden Army. Holy sins, Batma--I mean, Hellman! I mean... Batman! Sh*t.

Thursday: Sins about olden times. well, not that olden. Old. Old times.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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Breath of the Wild music! :D
When did this movie come out?
The girl who can’t game
Saying Germans make u nervous *is* sexist. And yes babies *are* tumors* this video speaks truth 😂😂😂😂
seleneuuh Sélène
I read your books ' ' the prodigies ' ' it is great and really nice 😂IL will there be a Tome 2?
Lettuce Asparagus
Whatever happend to Myers in the sequel?
kinda missed him …
dazotron 123
Who the fuck bites silver
Yr gonna regret the reboot statement at the end :).
2:34 I have been searching for a while now to try and understand what he means by "would later become president of YouTube." Can anyone give me any context?
Slipknot Shady
Anyone else who used to have a crush on the Princess?
Xanman Skaggs
hellboy demon dante demon anyone else thinking of devil may cry
jacob drolet
Awesome job cinemasins very hilarious of mindless That aweful movie Holmes and Watson say no one saw that very funny am still laughing 😂 nice
Goofy Loon
Can you do Everything wrong with Hellboy (2019)?
Silent still and indestructible.
Just like my first boner
Rex Factorem
I hate this channel so much. I'm only here bcs autoplay, not I'm gone. FU CinemaSins.
T.R. Luxx13
I wasn't a big fan of this movie when it first came out and I'm even more so after watching this episode of CinemaSins. I felt there was a lot of scenes that were lacking and just completely unnecessary, making it was just a complete clusterf*ck. The scenes that were meant to be emotional were not properly set up because there wasn't a concrete story, so it didn't resonate at the level it aiming to hit. It's like they gave up and just decided to draw ideas out of a hat and filmed whatever was on the slip of paper...
Hellboy: Resurrected only to be sent straight back to hell.
That was a magazine not a clip there is a difference 4:31
Oberon Crex
17:01 ABE
-1 sin
William Kobak
You channel is a pile of shit
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Everything Wrong With Spawn Everything Wrong With Hellboy 1 day ago   18:35

Oh, man. This movie is... it's very not good. So many sins. I think even Satan himself is on record saying Spawn has too many sins. At any rate... here they are.

Thursday: Super sins.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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