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Labour boss Jeremy Corbyn was attacked by both Tory and Labour MPs after losing his rag with the PM during PMQs this afternoon.

Mrs May joked at the end of the pair's exchange today: "I've got some advice for the Right Honourable Gentleman - look behind you!

"They are not impressed and neither is the country!"

Mr Corbyn then shook his head and muttered "stupid woman" under his breath.

Watch it here:

About one hour after the incident, Corbyn returned to Commons. He denied being sexist and a misogynist.

John Bercow, the Commons speaker, made Commons statement about the “stupid woman” row.

He says he has watched the video. It is easy to see why people think Jeremy Corbyn said “stupid woman”. He says that is the view of “lipspeakers” he has consulted at short notice.

Bercow says Corbyn was sitting down at the time, and so he was not being recorded. He says no-one complained about the remarks at the time. He says no one can be 100% certain what was said, including lipreaders. But he would what is said by an MP at face value.

Bercow invites Corbyn to make a statement and share his point of view.

This is what Jeremy Corbyn said in response.

"During prime minister’s question time today, I referred to those who I believe were seeking to turn a debate about the national crisis facing our country into a pantomime as ‘stupid people’.

Mr Speaker I did not use the words ‘stupid woman’ about the prime minister or anyone else, and am completely opposed to the use of sexist or misogynist language in absolutely any form at all.

I’m happy to place that on the record at your request this afternoon".


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Marlon Jones. Bulls On DA Block
Poor use if time, but we in America are waisting time debating the merits of a useless wall with a government that is shut down. Trust me, it could be worst...Imagine Donald Trump as your Prime Minister
Not that I think that it was justified to make a mountain out of this issue. It was ridiculous. But, the utter disingenuous description of 'honourable leader of the opposition' is pathetic. There's nothing honourable about him. And this just demonstrates how childish, dramatic and how populated with liars UK parliament is...especially Corbyn himself! He blatantly said stupid woman. He should have just admitted it. The spineless cunt.
“The Conservative party is an eternally irritating force for wrong that appeals exclusively to bigots, toffs, money-minded machine men, faded entertainers and selfish, grasping simpletons who were born with some essential part of their soul missing. None of history’s truly historical figures has been a Tory, apart from the ones that were, and they only did it by mistake. To reach a more advanced stage of intellectual evolution, humankind must first eradicate the ‘Tory instinct’ from the brain – which is why mother nature is gradually making them less sexy with each passing generation. The final Tory is doomed to spend his or her life masturbating alone on a hillside, which, let’s face it, is the way things were supposed to be all along.”
The clock is ticking...
Cynical Kelly
Just wow.. These women doing a huge disservice to the reputation of women if they're getting their panties in a bunch over this. This video shows them unfit to be in that chamber..
Michelle Davis
she should made an internal complaint no a public one.
Paul Fuoco-Binette
The more he compliments you the more you're in trouble
Redneck Rebel aka raregoodguy
Hours of bullshit about he said she said. Political correctness is disgusting. Also as a neutral I actually think Bercow is usually pretty balanced in spite of his left leanings.
What a fucking embarrassment, over paid children
Redneck Rebel aka raregoodguy
What a den of iniquity.
Anthony Mullen
The leader of the house who ran for the leadership of the Tory Party against Theresa May, mocked and jokes about Theresa May not being fit to be the Prime Minister of United Kingdom because she had no children. I don't want to come across as being sexist, misogynist or a chauvinist.....but what a Two-Face cunt.
I watched the clip and it is obvious to me that he said 'Stupid people'.
Suleiman Bachoo
This is absolute rubbish. It is obvious that he mouthed “stupid people” & not “stupid woman” no wonder Britain is going down the gutter wasting 35 minutes on an utterly ridiculous topic rather than investing their energies on the Brexit. (Kenyan citizen).
May have been in another video, but what I find funny is people are claiming "stupid woman" is sexist. The term woman is *not* used as an insult in this context, it is simply there to specify the gender of who they are describing, and therefore make more clear the person it is directed at - there is nothing sexist about the comment because the insult is not based on their gender in any way. Yes, a woman was on the receiving end of the remark, but that does not constitute sexism.
Tom Sanders
the Leftists are allowed to abuse.
Hilmar Kleinschrot
It seems to me that the Brexiteers doin EVERYTHING possible... to delay proceedings... just to make sure...that a HARD BREXIT is taking place.
With catastrophic results for the country as a whole...
Greetings from Germany 🇩🇪
Carl Titmus
And these people run the country, absolutely incredible
Robert Sutton
What's worse about the store crimes thing is that people off the record espouse views and opinions and statements that are not just off the record but show deep deep vision into their characters it's okay for someone to say off the record or even under their breath to another prime minister when it sits down the blacks are our biggest problem here and the Muslims we got to do something about it right better that he speaks it on record some people know what this is what this man is about or woman is about and to have them stating these views on off-the-cuff off-the-record which brother off the record I'm not must definitely have something to do with the way this man throats and pushes different programs Etc
Robert Sutton
this is the second time to this is the second time in a week probably but I've heard a member bring up things like the last I can't give you the exact day but a woman came up and wanted for concerns that the government wasn't taken care of in her constituency was obesity now it's suicide so is it their beliefs and I don't have to even say at least in my mind what party these beings are from to know what they expect the government to do about that? It's absurd that the government should be responsible for obesity! Suicide it's a horrible thing it's happened in my family but I certainly don't attributed to anything the government could do would do or should do! The government has no responsibility at all and it's absurd to think that they should be given responsibility on something like obesity even suicide come on I mean why don't we just let the government why don't we blame the government for everything right and then we raise taxes in order to tackle obesity and I'll get money into the coffin this and let's fight obesity get money into the office less fight suicide get money into the coffers and let's fight the clothing industry for not making enough clothes for the obese let's get money and put it in the coffee sand flight advertising so that obesity will now be recognized as Vogue beautiful stuff like that and then we don't even have to worry about the other stuff come on now government has its place and it's not in and it's not in regulating or doing anything like that that has to do with obesity which I know it wasn't brought up in this session but the suicide was I mean it's one thing if a company was spiking their food with carbohydrates and extra sugar and chemicals that cause obesity yeah I can see that or if people's medications were were purposely alter to make people want to commit suicide by a specific brand of whatever that's not the case it's just Ludacris and that's what's wrong with the left
Robert Sutton
it amazes me it's be it it's it's in their rules that they're not allowed to impugn each other men while I seen them sit there and call the prime Minister a complete liar cheater I've heard others call themselves similar things if that's not impugning somebody what is it happens all the time your poem in Queens out and gesticulate sand comments and yells and gets pretty excited which I think is pretty cool but still where do you draw these lines
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John Bercow given Royal Jeremy Corbyn called back 1 day ago   09:58

The new Speaker formally took up the role in an "approbation" ceremony - the process of Royal approval. Accompanied by Black Rod, Mr Bercow led MPs from the Commons to the Lords chamber for the ceremony where he was approved in the role after the Lords received a letter from Queen Elizabeth II.

Former Speaker, Betty Boothroyd, commentates.