Jeremy Corbyn called back John Bercow given Royal 4 months ago   35:57

Labour boss Jeremy Corbyn was attacked by both Tory and Labour MPs after losing his rag with the PM during PMQs this afternoon.

Mrs May joked at the end of the pair's exchange today: "I've got some advice for the Right Honourable Gentleman - look behind you!

"They are not impressed and neither is the country!"

Mr Corbyn then shook his head and muttered "stupid woman" under his breath.

Watch it here:

About one hour after the incident, Corbyn returned to Commons. He denied being sexist and a misogynist.

John Bercow, the Commons speaker, made Commons statement about the “stupid woman” row.

He says he has watched the video. It is easy to see why people think Jeremy Corbyn said “stupid woman”. He says that is the view of “lipspeakers” he has consulted at short notice.

Bercow says Corbyn was sitting down at the time, and so he was not being recorded. He says no-one complained about the remarks at the time. He says no one can be 100% certain what was said, including lipreaders. But he would what is said by an MP at face value.

Bercow invites Corbyn to make a statement and share his point of view.

This is what Jeremy Corbyn said in response.

"During prime minister’s question time today, I referred to those who I believe were seeking to turn a debate about the national crisis facing our country into a pantomime as ‘stupid people’.

Mr Speaker I did not use the words ‘stupid woman’ about the prime minister or anyone else, and am completely opposed to the use of sexist or misogynist language in absolutely any form at all.

I’m happy to place that on the record at your request this afternoon".


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This is like real housewives trying to extract an apology from each other at a reunion.
Trust Me, I'm the Doctor
He said 'stupid people'. Clearly.
Jettero Fletcher
They said Corbyn said "woman". Corbyn says that he said "people". I get the whole "Nobody can be 100% sure what he said..." but isn't it reasonable to figure out which word he might've said. Honestly, the mouth-formations of "woman" and "people" are pretty different. Unless he's mumbling or something, in which case the folks on the other side wouldn't have seen it anyway.
When I watched the original debate I thought it was blatantly obvious he said stupid people, I thought nothing of it. But even if he did say 'stupid woman' how is that misogynistic in any way? And as far as my knowledge of parliamentary etiquette goes, he was not addressing the house or anyone in particular and therefore could not have violated any established custom. This whole affair just goes to show how petty people will be if it means undermining the right honorable leader of the opposition.
Leave it to the Old Guy at 33:00 to finally bring some sense to this farce.
imam Baybars
this is why women should not be in politics or business what a waste of time over stupid gossip, smart women would be raising their children properly instead, these are all stupid women.
Al Hartkopf
In response to Dr. Caroline Johnson, I distinctly saw a gentleman utter, "Great Rack!"
Those were (nearly) all stupid women. I won't let out my true thoughts, because that would look me bad.

I want them all to treat them all and everyone else with respect. Of course the word stupid isn't respectful BUT.... They act like he sexually assaulted her.
Watch Jeremy Corbyn participating in the memorial of the “Black September” terrorists who murdered 11 lsraeli Athletes in the Munich Olympics (l know the family of one of the Athletes who was murdered, you have no idea of the grief of his and the other’s families, especially, after the fact that most were survivors of the Holocaust and lost many members of their families)...Even King Hussein massacred 20,000 of the terrorists of “Black September”, that shows that Corbyn is endorsing terrorism, this is not a PM material and a shame of the British people, even the fact that he is a member of the Parliament. Shame on him, hateful man!
Look how stupid are the British people to debate hours on such a STUPlD issue, as if there arn’t any more important issues in the world...they should demand Jeremy Corbyn to apologize, and that’s it! cause l have enlarged the video, and l have read his lips, show it to a deaf person and he will tell you exactly what he said, because we are experts in reading lips.....
Gustav Øspina
you know... now i understand why the UK it's desperate running out of time with the deal of Brexit... there's SO MANY more delicate things to focus on now that an agreement that will set and define the lives of more than 65.8 million people in the UK.......
Jonathan Seiersen
It is utterly disrespectful to the tax payers to waste so much time on such a trivial matter. I find it absolutely scandalous. Shame on them.
Raul Carrillo
Oh my god this is even better than the kardashians they should license and distribute it and make money off this wasted time hahaha
Paul E
Literally 35 minutes covering one point. These are our parliamentarians. Makes one wonder.
h Lastkppy
He wouldn't be too far wrong, stupid is no word for her
Honhei Lee
What on the earth is going on?! The ruling of the speaker is not debatable...
David Johnson
My mind was made when watching JC original comments and when slowed right down the lips formation is clear to see the letter W is quite different than the letter P also if you are making a critical remark to a statement made by a person you wouldn't say People it would clearly not make sense.
D D Jay
If someone is stupid and a woman then calling her a stupid woman is discriptive.
I'm fine with that.
If they are NOT a woman but stupid then it's inaccurate.

That's all.
Arron Miller
sooooo its insult to call a woman a woman and not to call a person stupid? man this is such silliness and its sad to see that the same madness that is tearing the US apart is sweeping and ruining the world.
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John Bercow given Royal Jeremy Corbyn called back 4 months ago   09:58

The new Speaker formally took up the role in an "approbation" ceremony - the process of Royal approval. Accompanied by Black Rod, Mr Bercow led MPs from the Commons to the Lords chamber for the ceremony where he was approved in the role after the Lords received a letter from Queen Elizabeth II.

Former Speaker, Betty Boothroyd, commentates.