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Jade is 13 years old now and in 8th grade. Somewhere back in 4th or 5th grade, when school work started getting a bit harder, and homework started up, was when she was labeled the smart kid in her class. To her, she just was able to finish faster and do really well, and, honestly, she really didn't like it. Being labeled the smart kid in class made school life difficult.

First, when you're labeled the smart kid you're expected to do things in class that no one else wants to do. For example, when the teacher says okay class, who can solve this problem, and nobody wants to do it, you can pretty much bet that your name is going to get called. And it's not even really the teachers who call on her in class, it's the other kids calling out and saying hey, Jade can do it, make Jade do it!

But Jade didn't want to solve the problem in class just as much as the other kids didn't, but nobody seemed to understand that. Other students had envy for her because she was so smart. She would certainly graduate with honors. Just because she might have had a high IQ, that didn't mean she wanted to be treated any differently by her classmates, friends, teachers, or parents.

Second, cheating. Jade is no angel, or a goody-goody, or anything like that, but she does find it really annoying when she's trying to finish her school work in class and other students are whispering to her to give them the answers, or begging her to let them cheat off her when the questions are hard. Cheaters are just so annoying.

Third, expectations. The expectation on you when you are labeled the smart kid, or a genius, or whatever, is that you're basically expected to learn and know EVERYTHING! For example, last week she was working with a friend where you do stations, moving from one to the next and completing a project at each. It's not a race, but the other students treat it like one. And so there were two boys who got ahead of them in the stations, and one of them says Oh wow, I thought she was supposed to be smarter than that.

And fourth, born a baby genius. Everybody thinks, even her friends and best friends, that just because she's smart she doesn't work hard to do well or to learn. The other students treat her like everything is easy and that she can just hang around all the time and just get good grades or get on the honor roll just by being who she is. They think she doesn't try hard, which she does, and that she doesn't feel the enormous pressure she and maybe even her parents, and teachers, put on her.

So, when you label someone the smart kid, just remember that they're trying their hardest too, and most likely, other than the fact that they scored a little better on their test, they are just exactly like you!

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Bea Tingson
one word: oof
Calum Yeaman
Okay, so this video has the message of not stereotyping people when her t-shirt says “chic” on it and there is another video about stop Catcalling women. Story Booth gets children to speak about stories that happened to them and spread a message about specific problems in the world. How the hell can you do that when you have one video talks about a problem and the other exposes the problem as good thing.
FrozenFox :3
Same thing bro..
poptart cat
i'm sorta labeled the smart kid, but i can only relate to the 1 with expections but most people aren't shocked if i get one of the best grades in the class.
"smart kid"
Ytmaster Sahra
I am smart too but not in math rip me
Emma Unicorn57
jewelmay laurente
You're lucky you have a honor or high grades i still do my best even if i need to give up but give uping is no good even if youre in down jesus will raise you up so dont try to giveup try youre best and believe in your self and believe in god 😊😇
Akansha K
A 897
Im smart in my class and im bad in english
W de bruyn
How much IQ I Have
Estreen Chan
I can REALLY relate to this!
Unidentified Seal
I’m the smart kid like if you are too🧠
Lilly Ayy
I'm terrible at math so I'll always ve labled as the dumb kid. It's not easy dealing with not being the top if you're class ethier stop complaining atleast you're getting complimented for veing smart Instead of being Insulted for being dumb
Skyler Animations
Lucky. I’m labeled the stooped retard kid.
*Everyone:* Wow hes so smart

*Me:* naw yall just dumb asf
Juan Perez
Julian Madilian
LITTLE _Donaut
Not to lie but it's the same story as me people like OMG YOUR SO SMART YOUR SOO GOING TO GET 💯

then they decide to copy me for everything and get it all right.I GET TRIGGERED ;-;
RobloxMiester Gaming
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