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Labeled The Smart Kid In Class Made | People That Will Make - At Ai-Tube.com

Labeled The Smart Kid In Class Made PEOPLE THAT WILL MAKE 3 months ago   03:09

By Jade | Subscribe: http://bit.ly/sub2storybooth | Record your story @ https://storybooth.com or our iPhone app for a chance to get animated. Comment, like, share this story.

Jade is 13 years old now and in 8th grade. Somewhere back in 4th or 5th grade, when school work started getting a bit harder, and homework started up, was when she was labeled the smart kid in her class. To her, she just was able to finish faster and do really well, and, honestly, she really didn't like it. Being labeled the smart kid in class made school life difficult.

First, when you're labeled the smart kid you're expected to do things in class that no one else wants to do. For example, when the teacher says okay class, who can solve this problem, and nobody wants to do it, you can pretty much bet that your name is going to get called. And it's not even really the teachers who call on her in class, it's the other kids calling out and saying hey, Jade can do it, make Jade do it!

But Jade didn't want to solve the problem in class just as much as the other kids didn't, but nobody seemed to understand that. Other students had envy for her because she was so smart. She would certainly graduate with honors. Just because she might have had a high IQ, that didn't mean she wanted to be treated any differently by her classmates, friends, teachers, or parents.

Second, cheating. Jade is no angel, or a goody-goody, or anything like that, but she does find it really annoying when she's trying to finish her school work in class and other students are whispering to her to give them the answers, or begging her to let them cheat off her when the questions are hard. Cheaters are just so annoying.

Third, expectations. The expectation on you when you are labeled the smart kid, or a genius, or whatever, is that you're basically expected to learn and know EVERYTHING! For example, last week she was working with a friend where you do stations, moving from one to the next and completing a project at each. It's not a race, but the other students treat it like one. And so there were two boys who got ahead of them in the stations, and one of them says Oh wow, I thought she was supposed to be smarter than that.

And fourth, born a baby genius. Everybody thinks, even her friends and best friends, that just because she's smart she doesn't work hard to do well or to learn. The other students treat her like everything is easy and that she can just hang around all the time and just get good grades or get on the honor roll just by being who she is. They think she doesn't try hard, which she does, and that she doesn't feel the enormous pressure she and maybe even her parents, and teachers, put on her.

So, when you label someone the smart kid, just remember that they're trying their hardest too, and most likely, other than the fact that they scored a little better on their test, they are just exactly like you!

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Comments 15168 Comments

It’s Wassabii_ Sis
Janie Allard
I'm also called the smart kid
Nur Sofiyyah
I was labeled the smart kid too 😥 and everyone keep saying that i am a nerd 😔
Foxy Gachaz
Im labeled the bannana kid!
Cause i am one!
Sam Animates
I was labeled as the smart and art kid
Valentina Jovanovic
I know how she feels im the smartest kid in class aswell 😠😠😒😒
A nugget
heck back at my old school i was labeled the "Nice and Quiet Kid"
_boy were they wrong_
Bambam's wife
trueee it is very hard to be the smart kid. Because they expect that you always have the assignment and know all the topics, and they keep on leeching on you to get benefits.
Kamryn Flores
It made me gag when she said
*juh bruh*
Look for yourself
Genesis Roussel
When the kid said I thought you were smarter than that I'm like "bruh we are at station 3 cause we don't RUSH OUR WORK AND WE TAKE OUR TIME"
Commander Mobile
im then smart kid and i love it
Cuptain Capcake04
Juh. Bruh. 😂
Dianna S.
So true
Mozella Bruner
Juh Bruh.
Marlon Daniels
OK this was the legit funniest storybooth and I don't know why.You sounded like a future YouTuber.It was just funny to me IDK why😆
gacha mimitube
My friend jayden got a scholler because of me he took my credit just because first marking. I'm superintendent this marking. I'm superintendent
Netha Rachel
Okay i think you are look like my friend
Eris The Pianist
I was labelled the Music Kid.
rainbow dust
I'm great at making cute things and I can run fast and people be like your fast so you can win a race or you can make that spider cute. I be like bruhhh shut the f up!!!!
the kid on the left doesnt look happy he looked disappointed at himself
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