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The video captures construction of Washington's newest Olympic Class ferry, 144-car Tokitae, from the start of construction through summer 2013. Vigor Industrial began construction of the Tokitae in March 2012 at the company's Seattle shipyard. Vigor fabricated major modules and assembled them, along with the vessel ends made by Jesse Engineering in Tacoma, into a complete hull. The shipyard hit a major milestone in March 2013, when they moved the superstructure of the Tokitae onto the hull while both structures were in floating drydocks. The 1100-ton superstructure was fabricated at Nichols Brothers Boat Builders on Whidbey Island. The shipyard hit another milestone in July, when it floated the vessel out of drydock to finish final outfitting pier side. The Tokitae is scheduled for delivery to Washington State Ferries in early 2014.

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bonkey dollocks
Can we see the engines please
Arjit Boro
Руслан Петров
Классная музыка
Mahtab Alam
Very good
George Gong
Very interesting video.  Thanks for sharing this.  My 1st Washington State Ferry ride was just last year.  Plans on doing so again this year before my Alaska cruise.  Yes cant get enough of a boat ride! 
Great time lapse!
Awesome video of this fabulous vessel!!!! Had the chance to see her running sea trials off shore here near Queen Anne and also tour her last Sunday! Will make sure this gets put into the Orca Network page for others to enjoy!!

Angelo Garcia
Very neat looking ferry! I can't wait to see it in person!
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Wooden Sailboat Construction Time 144-car ferry Tokitae construction 1 day ago   05:10

This is a time lapse video of the building of a 40 foot wooden sail boat. We are currently in the middle of building her, so the time lapse wont be complete until about June.

Please check out http://magic-30.blogspot.com for pictures, descriptions, and week long time lapse segments, all updated once a week.