Inside New Jersey's priciest listing Can You Afford Steph Curry's House? 1 week ago   03:55

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Stone Mansion in Alpine, New Jersey is on the market for $50 million dollars ? making it the most expensive home on the market in the state. CNNMoney's Vanessa Yurkevich goes inside.

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Troy Trey
You think that’s expensive? Look for a house the same size I’m London. ! The. You will understand
Smug Smugly
My fiance and I live in our car and it sucks. It's a compact 4 door sedan, our dog is in there too.
That house is definitely not for broke millionaires...
Raph B
'Nearby cottage'?
Certainly it looks like a cottage compared to this mansion, but it's certainly not a cottage!
Denny Skerb
Lower the taxes and it will sell
less than 30 minute commute? Stop lying dude.
Helen Boula
How do people live in these big ass houses.anf how many rooms does a person need.i do have a hard time understanding it all.
Only if she came with the house..
Maureen Doherty
Meanwhile there are people living in the streets and in cars!!
Mr. Williams
Taxes are too high. I'll pass. I like my row home.
Frankie Fisher-Love
Isn't "Darlington/Crocker Mansion, in Mahwah, NJ the most expensive house on the market, at 48 million, since this houses price has been lowered considerably?
jlg 2009
Looks like Sharper Image took a shit in there.....Gold is so 80’s and gawdy looking
Ben V
The best part is the comments
Elizabeth Fuhr
Difficult to sell because it is huge. High maintenance. Too big to clean. Also high property tax and insurance. Unless of course you make multi millions a year.
Regular Guy
House is sold or taken off the market according to zillow, and other realtor sites.... I wonder if Kurtz actually sold this home for its asking price OR he just got fed up of paying the taxes and figured fuck it, I might as well live here (supposedly no one has ever lived in this house before)....
Matias Roman
New jersey ain’t that bad!
My house is smaller than the basketball court lmao
FarRight WingMilitia
I recently built a house in Beverly Hills in So Cal which sold for 50mil with 15,000sq ft. and it didnt possess half the appeal.
I don't want to pay $300,000 in taxes per year after i purchase a house. That's crazy!
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Can You Afford Steph Curry's House? Inside New Jersey's priciest listing 1 week ago   02:49

Golden State Warrior Steph Curry has listed his Orinda, Calif., home for $3.895 million, a few months after moving into a larger home in a nearby town. WSJ's Candace Taylor joins Tanya Rivero with a peek at the home of the NBA MVP. Photo: Nate Denny/Open Homes Photography

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