Conspiracy Theories with Shane BEST FRIEND MAKEOVER! *Shocking* 3 months ago   1:44:45

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Comments 229780 Comments

Charlie Lamonaca
for gods sake subtitle your videos
Lazy Monkey Girl
Shane, the craziest thing just happened. I was listening to white noise through my iPod, first of all

What I want to tell you is scaring the sht outta me. I was using Siri and my mum was next to me. She tells me she is “gonna go now” and after she is finished I press the button to chat and what she says comes up on Siri. I am scared shtless now, they’re are watching..
I just notice something Shane about his phone and the start...
I learnt that on a laptop/computer starts to flash it means that your getting recorded,your friends phone when he was calling his mom his phone flashed maybe it’s because he was getting recorded or even his voice was being recorded thats why his mom heard him before he even answered.....
This could be theory plz dm me
My name is Valerie Yasno on snapchat.
Also it’s in between the 2:40 and 2:39 somewhere around there..
I also noticed that it happened again in between 3:04 and 3:05.
Emma Richard
omfg you made me laugh so hard when you said "all the conspiracy's about the camp fire started to disappear because everyone wanted to know 'is Kim and Kanye's house was still ok?"
Yeet Children
Wait did Stanley live😂😂😂😂😂
52:29 tata 🤭
52:39 and also mang right there ☺️
So...we have a new copyright law that has passed which will ban memes and shit in the EU, but we don't have a law for deep fakes.... Love that! 👍🏻😑
Dosty GameS
Yeah I've never been into Hollister and I probably won't ever go.
George Jones
Kinda thought the honey sponsor was a conspiracy theory at first 😂
Pearl Carayo Herrera-Lim
Ok the smell stuff in disney is NOT THAT BAD. It's just to engage people int he experience! And I don't see how that's bad at all. I mean, without money tactics, disney, ( and some other companies and stores) wouldn't make as much money as they do. So I don't see whats so bad. This is just my opinion so if you think differently please just reply to be and tell me your opinion, there is no need to be mean.
Hannah Walsh
Back again
Pearl Carayo Herrera-Lim
fakeapp needs to be deleted
Gizem Işık
Please add suptitles
Sean Lawson
I came here because of Laurenzside XD
itsyagurl tillyxox
Video: creepy zepeto
Rileigh Culhane
Something I feel like you should have mentioned in the store section is the dollar menus tend to be farther away and harder to see. As someone who
1. Mainly eats fast food
2. Isn't exactly the richest
3. Has poor eye sight
Something I've noticed is that the $7 burgers are put in bold... And the one dollar burgers are in tiny impossible to see font!
Simply BethMsp!
22:06 was the cutest
Unkown :/
12:08 NO! SHANE WHY! WHY FUNNEH😂😂😂 im just kidding but thats real funny!
Wolfy Stars
I’ve always hated cartoons...
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BEST FRIEND MAKEOVER! *Shocking* Conspiracy Theories with Shane 3 months ago   15:15

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