Macro Unit 2.1- GDP and Economic [Hindi] Difference between GDP, 2 months ago   03:38

Jacob Clifford
In this short video I explain GDP, the components of GDP, and what is not included in the Gross Domestic Product. Thanks for watching, please subscribe

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Defalt The rat
Why can't you be my teacher?
Kasper Pedersen
how can this ever match up - lets say someone sold illegal drugs for 2 million dollars. He now goes and spend these on cars. This would mean that Consumption has risen 2 million but not production??
jetski Dex
Cocaine is one hella of a drug.
Wesley K.
8/15/18 - Economy GDP up 4.1%. Trump 2020
Thandokazi Nyobole
Oh my gosh!! Thank God for this! I'm most definitely downloading your review packet and subscribing to this channel. Wow,you're a great teacher.
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Thubelihle Nxumalo
Thanks you helped me pass Microeconomics.
You lost some weight from 2012 to now, well done lol
Aldrich Wang
Really appreciate and enjoy all the videos! They give me great help while studying and reviewing economics!
kissy Lovera
thx 4 d lecturer
Shawn Kalish
Can I ask a question? Ok thanks. Why would you Profess in English if you can barely speak English!? The ONLY tool a Professor HAS is communication, that is the ESSENCE of teaching. Without that, it is IMPOSSIBLE to teach. So, if you are a Professor trying to teach in English but can barely speak the language, are you not obviously a phony who is not truly there to educate, but only to collect a paycheck? People like this must know that they are literally screwing people over left and right, right?
Bobur Sunnatov
Hey, thank you very very much. TOMORROW IS MY EXAM and I am still watching your videos and so far I understood so many things which were not understandable during my classes
Ainul Uzma
wish this is enough for my final exam
Fiona B
You are amazing Mr. C
Danielle Gorbet
Here is what I was shown out of McGraw Hill 21 edition macroeconomics: It is really hard to make a table in the comment section so I will try my hardest to make it straight.
Year                Units                    Price            Price Index          NGDP             RGDP
1                      5                          $10                 100                      $50                  $50
2                     7                             20                 200                      140                   70
3                    8                              25                   250                     200                  80
4                     10                          30                    -                           -                        -
Now to figure out the price index I would take the $30 and divide that by the base year's price X 100. So it would go: 30/10X100=300 So the price index in year 4 is 300. Now to find NGDP I would multiply the price of year 4 and multiply by the number of units sold which would be 30X10=300. To find real GDP I take the NGDP and divide it by the price index but in hundredths so it would go:300/.3=100. So 100 is the Real GDP in year 4. So you don't take nominal GDP and divide by Real GDP X 100 to get the deflator. That is not the way I am shown, and I'm not saying you have your math wrong, but you make it really confusing for someone who doesn't know any better. Thanks.
Shruthi Shree
Your fantastic and smart teacher.. I bow my head for Your teaching skill.. can you please explain nifty and sensex also more about stock markets ?

Love and respect from India !
Anubhav Sharma
Any guesses who is the plumber 😂
Sandra lilalu
Hello everybody
watching from Germany
it's so helpful! thank you very much!!
vghh cvv
Can u explain anything about inventoy in the gdp.
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[Hindi] Difference between GDP, Macro Unit 2.1- GDP and Economic 2 months ago   13:50

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