How Humans Broke the Game What if humans were nerfed? 2 days ago   08:13

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Sam Harvey
What is the video in the background called?
Ruben Haak
Human op
Nitro Shibe
I'd like to see how you talk about martial arts
s n 0 0 z e
Mozambique here
R Rockwell
Having a "larger brain" has nothing to do with intelligence.
Sam von Kleist
Gage French
Wow almost the whole team carted

(Only MH fans will get this)
Aggro Traveler’s Bucket List
1:26 “that nigga can walk”
Cestarian Inhabitant
The neanderthal build sounds like it would now be sustainable in europe and north america.

It's fun to think of the world as a game, makes you realize that 'science' is just us looking for more exploits to make winning even easier. In some parts of the world we're already at the stage where people can sit around doing nothing and still end up winning.
I'd love to see a video analyzing outdated builds that continue to be played even after more optimized builds have been discovered, such as the coelacanth, tuatara, okapi, and frilled shark. Nostalgia for the old days can really hold some players back.
Snail Bob
So Neanderthals are solos in RUST
Working Whiskers
Had to pause the video to say, I love this content so much. Thank you.
Jessica Alburn
Mozambique here
Samuel Faber
You should make a proposed patch on how users/admins can prevent future environmentally-related bugs from messing up our current build; various mobs being pulled from the game, natural disaster events and unchecked industrial griefing are messing with gameplay. Do you think our development too robust for our engine?

edit: thought of better jokes
This channel is totally hosted by someone who gets his ass kicked in pvp by humans on a daily basis.
Somewhat funny how people still don't know about research proving Africa was not the home of man. It's a touch weird since its been well established as a fact since like 2008
I really thought its been a month but it has only been a week. I need a new video
Kommissar Antilus
their disadvantages were their biggest strength, because hardship makes for stronger men that learn how to succeed in failure, the problem now is that our life is so easy that creates many weak men, and weakness manifests in violence, most of the times against the weakest, the classic example is the stereotypical husband that beats his wife because he had a bad day at work
first humans in europe werent sub saharan afrikans I'm sure
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What if humans were nerfed? How Humans Broke the Game 2 days ago   08:35

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