Watch Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May loses Brexit vote - what 3 months ago   41:04

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Frank Jenkins
Mrs May you said to Mr Corbyn you wanted to deliver , A Deal No Deal or No Brexit ! I thought 17.4 voted NO DEAL the others don't come into it , you are making this very hard.
Johnny Feve
Parliament as become a business community not a public representative... Elected on lies and false menfestos
Alan Mcmichael
When has Labour ever looked after the working class
Lip sync is way out.
Alan Mcmichael
Watching PMQs is like watching 2 Year olds at nursery
The Rune King of Asgard
27:46 that’s got to be a wig.
Jihadi Jez. Scum.
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May loses Brexit vote - what Watch Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa 3 months ago   1:04:31

This is the moment MPs voted resoundingly against the prime minister's Brexit deal by 432 votes to 202. We analyse what this could mean for Theresa May, the government and for the future of Brexit.



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