Exploring Landforms and Bodies of Water Seas Oceans Bays Gulfs 1 day ago   09:19

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Landforms are natural features of the earth's surface. Landforms are all around us! Mountains, valleys, oceans, rivers, cliffs, beaches, caves, volcanoes - they are all landforms! Come explore the landforms of the world in this educational science video for kids.

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Music: Jaunty Gumption, Hero Down, Crusade, The Descent - Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

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desna wira sola
also my gr2 teacher show me this
Ifáh Gaming
The Dramatic Music! ~ 😂😂😂
Pradeep Maurya guru
I have learned it when I was 2 years old
Dylan Zane Miras
The family name of my classmate was Pond lol, but it's a pretty good family name🤗🤗🤣🤣🤣
WolfpackTech Inc
Wow that was so educational i loved it... My Mom liked it also
Nordic Spyro
i see some comments about the voice and everything and i'm just saying
who gives i just want to get my homework done
but the music can't blame u but still
Truly Snipez
I like this cause ima nerd lol
Truly Snipez
Ryd Sun
All so lovely, scenery, background music and Voice...
Thumbs up!
SteelBlade Games
best outro of 2017
RVG clan
Lilly Abney
thats a good video!
Kajal Nandwanshi
What an explanation
What a voice
I liked it
Argee Lor
*Is this a documentary?*
raavi saini
Very beautiful,easy and an effective explanation ...Very nice👌👏👏
Nature Lovers
Did not explain lagoon, corals, bay, gulf etc
Sushree Smily e
Very good in landfrom learn
Amos Killing
Thanks you free school for helping me, Iam in class now 2018
alexia :v
soy la unica que hablas español :(
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Seas Oceans Bays Gulfs Exploring Landforms and Bodies of Water 1 day ago   24:27

amazing kid explains you about water bodies in the world part-1.
watch kara sea, laptev sea, bohai sea on my "rivers of the world" video