Macro Unit 2 Summary- Measuring Macro Unit 2.1- GDP and Economic 4 months ago   23:37

Jacob Clifford
Hey, this is Jacob Clifford and welcome to the Macro Unit 2 Summary. This unit is about measuring the economy and covers topics like GDP (1:04), the business cycle (6:15), unemployment (7:28), the types of unemployment, the natural rate of unemployment, inflation (12:14), CPI, GDP deflato (17:59), and the causes of inflation (19:52). It also includes a pretty awesome Bonus Round (11:23). Be sure to subscribe and get the ultimate review packet. Thanks for watching.

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Just got the ultimate package!!! I totally recommend it!! I learned in a couple of hours what I couldn't learn in weeks of classes. Thanks, Mr. Clifford! Love your videos!!
Bought the review packet. Gain was understanding 95% of the material in my class, which my professor explained about as well as grandpa in the video. Opportunity cost was $12. Highly recommend.
Superb videos sir. Your videos have helped me bring good marks in test as well as deep conceptual clarity..thank u clifford for this wonderful job
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thanks so much info right here but the links not working
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Man, you're the best!
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thanks for the help i appreciate your efforts
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thank you soo much man
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I laughed so hard when the equation started illuminating with the music hahhahha
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I just brought your packet and these videos are a god send! i'm hoping now that this will help me pass my econ class!
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Bestttttttt video. Ever love from Pak
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why can't you be my teacher
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great video and helpful, especially the 30secs bonus round lolol
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Hi! Your videos are very helpful but i want something from you. For students are from another country like me(Turkey),your talking speed is very fast; if there is no time limit may you talk more slowly??
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Hi Mr. Clifford. How much is the ultimate package costs please?
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apperciate the videos!
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I watch your videos for teaching purpose and make videos in my mother tongue Tamil.Thank you for your services.
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"Just to cram for a test" why you gotta call me out like that 😂
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Your videos and tutorials are amazing!
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Macro Unit 2.1- GDP and Economic Macro Unit 2 Summary- Measuring 4 months ago   03:38

In this short video I explain GDP, the components of GDP, and what is not included in the Gross Domestic Product. Thanks for watching, please subscribe

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