Macro Unit 2 Summary- Measuring Aggregate Demand and Supply Practice 1 week ago   23:37

Jacob Clifford
Hey, this is Jacob Clifford and welcome to the Macro Unit 2 Summary. This unit is about measuring the economy and covers topics like GDP (1:04), the business cycle (6:15), unemployment (7:28), the types of unemployment, the natural rate of unemployment, inflation (12:14), CPI, GDP deflato (17:59), and the causes of inflation (19:52). It also includes a pretty awesome Bonus Round (11:23). Be sure to subscribe and get the ultimate review packet. Thanks for watching.

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Practice Multiple Choice Questions for Macro Unit 2

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Yessica Smith
Just got the ultimate package!!! I totally recommend it!! I learned in a couple of hours what I couldn't learn in weeks of classes. Thanks, Mr. Clifford! Love your videos!!
Trying to learn
Can you please explain "hurt by inflation", Lenders who lend money at a fixed interest rate).
If I buy a house for $1 mio at 1.5 % interest. And there comes inflation. Then my salary will be adjust to that interest (In Denmark the unions negotiates this for the workforce). Then based on my higher income, I see it as the the "actual" value of my debt of $1 mio has actually been reduced based on my (now) higher income.
Is this a misunderstanding of inflation?
Ulduz Ismayilova
What you do is amazing!Thank you so much!
vanessa chen
your video always give me a big help, I will buy your Ultimate package.
"I recommend watching these videos if you're not cramming for a test" Lol gooood one Mr C, you know why im here
mustafe adan
Thanks sir
Erin Siqueira
saved me
Samvit Agarwal
Hey, I was a bit confused about the calculation for GDP deflator. Since the Real GDP(which is needed to calculate GDP deflator) takes into account inflation in the first place, wouldn't you need to know the inflation anyways? If so, how does calculating the GDP deflator help?
Ikram Mughal
How can I get this review packet?
Mel C.
So I took Macro and Micro economics over 10 years ago in college and decided to get educated in preparation of returning to school for a graduate degree. I wish you were around in 2004 (when I graduated) because I would have gotten more than my C- that I scraped by at. You are fantastic teacher and making it relatable and breaking it down Barney-style. Keep these videos going!
Muhammad Ameen Shaik
Thanks alot. Your vids really help me. It gives me a better understanding of my especially since im in matric. Just on the side how do i get your package.
Hillary Derksen
I wish I found your videos before the day of my final.. you actually make the mess make sense! Thanks for posting these!
Taewon Chung
I also got the packet today. This thing is totally worth it. I highly recommend it to all AP Econ students. Thank you.
druzy woozy
that bit with the kids killed me actually a guy from the tech university in israel told me that's the best way to learn to have a break when you can't concentrate (it's the 15th best university in the world for computer engneering)
Ashley Frazee
great videos. Ive got the review packet and its also worth the cost. Question: is an engine produced in a country counted in GDP even though its made to go in a car?
السلام عليكم
Speaking too fast like those late night tv commercials selling you stuff u will never use.
Content is good but delivery ....
Jan Letsoalo
HI MR Clifford I really benefit from your videos. I dont know how to thank you, it takes short time to learn your work. I wanna thank you. ( RSA)
lincy koshy
Can you add a video on new keynesianism?
Tony Hoàng Long
Wow, your video is absolutely great. But just 1 thing to point out, which nobody has yet noticed, is that a problem occurs with your mathematical calculations in 19:00. You said: "[...] Right? From 125 up to 150, that's an increase of 20%". Ok, shouldn't it be 25%? Anyways, I bet it was just a mistake, so don't worry! Thank you for the lesson.
Suood Alshehhi
What is the different between deflator and deflation? Are they the same??
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Aggregate Demand and Supply Practice Macro Unit 2 Summary- Measuring 1 week ago   14:36

Happy Halloween! Thank you for watching this video and subscribing. Seriously, you rock! Be sure to pause the video and try the practice questions on your own.

In this video I explain what you should watch out for when answering exam questions and give you several practice questions too make sure you know what happens to aggregate demand, aggregate supply, and long run aggregate supply (LRAS) in both the short run and the long run.

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