Vancouver Hands Over To Sochi USA 2-3 Canada - Men's Ice Hockey Gold 1 day ago   09:25

Highlights from the Closing Ceremony of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games as the presentation is made for the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games.

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Vancouver 💩💩💩

I wish next winter Olympics should be in Finland
So Min Lee
3:39 Can somebody tell me what is the music of Bolshoi ballet? I really want to know :)
/ Flameout
He Wu
Ths is actually pretty good for an 9 minute presentation. Partly also because the stage of Vancouver is awesome. Most of the Games afterward like to use whole floor projection which is kind of boring.
Maia Vitale
In fashion industry Russian and Brazilian models are elites! So no surprise to see them in their own Olympic games. Soooo thrilled to see Natalia the Supernova Vodianova!!
Galilea Sesmas
Andre Santos
Who knows the name of this last beautiful song? Please, thank you.
GochEm 30
Sochi 2014 was the s***!!! I've seen Sochi 2014 in School. Because, this is the best of the bunch. Along with Brazil 2014.
Jun Hamamura
the 0:16 - 1:05 extravaganza led my eyes to orgasm
한국 내셔널 리 즘이 영원히! 일본 파시즘을 씨 발!
Fuck Russia, from a true Korean and American! They rigged the gold, watch I'll watch it next year when the Russian skater gets last place and Trump is impeached and imprisoned!
Jayson Abad
Арнур Кудайберген
как называется песня в начале?
Isaac Triana
what is the at the minute 5:22
NiKKi sxmnklee
After Sochi I dislike Russians
Vancouver did WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY better. Russia is a disgrace.
"cheap" in quality way production , to be consumed by the west. Don't like it, she has a good voice though.
Ricky Mariscal Espinosa
The ballet part used this piece of music: 

Symphonie No. 6 "Pathétique": Allegro molto Vivace
Luis Riojas
0:40 ok that's really soviet one.
Eduardo Labrin
Too much sovjet shit :/
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USA 2-3 Canada - Men's Ice Hockey Gold Vancouver Hands Over To Sochi 1 day ago   2:41:16

Full coverage of the final of the men's ice hockey event as the USA take on Canada for the gold medal at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

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