Pope Francis Doesn't Understand Rubio reacts to pope meeting 2 days ago   07:14

“The pope is by his own words a Peronist," says Judge Andrew Napolitano, Fox News' Senior Judicial Analyst. "He is probably also a communist and a Marxist, who does believe the government ought to control and motivate the means of production and means of distribution.”

As both a devout Catholic and principled libertarian, Napolitano believes Jesus Christ would reject the pope's view of economics. "The essence of libertarianism is the primacy of the individual over the state and absolute freedom of the individual to make his or her own choices," Napolitano explains. "That's also the teachings of Jesus Christ: 'I have come to set you free.'"

In a conversation with Reason's Editor in Chief, Matt Welch, the Judge discusses his frustrations with Pope Francis on the eve of his first Papal visit to the United States. Napolitano takes issue with the pope's exhortations on economic issues and Catholic tradition when it comes to allowing marriage annulments and permitting priests to forgive abortion.

“Speeding up annulments…is a rejection of his papal role,” says Napolitano. “He has assaulted matrimony. For him to make annulments easier is a backdoor towards permitting divorce.”

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Kenneth Hamilton
Judge,  the pope really knows a lot more than you do about of capitalism and a tiny bit more than about capitalism. Oh btw he also knows more about Catholic ethics  (abortion) and theology.

Not a MarxistNot a communistJust what you are not, a HUMAN BEING
Kenneth Hamilton
So true about the pope and the throne....but irrelevant He is a liberation theologian! Read about it.....the existence of God is not at the center of this theology.
Gigi Devoe
The Pope treated president TRUMP horribly. The pope showed fear as he was in the presence of one if God's truly annoited, he knows he's a rapest & pedifile & will cause the Catholic Church to lose thousands as they leave the church.
Cris Yorke
A peronist is 100 percent Marxist.
John Tminustwentyminutes Mercier
He doesn't understand the son of God either, no Pope has... him more than ever.
gabe collins
Napolitano is a nutjob, jesus.
He is a Jesuit. That says it all :-/
lam bda
If the Pope is indeed a Peronist, then  by definition, he cannot be a communist or a Marxist.  Napalitano should know better.
Leo Renier
To justify the supremacy of the individual over the state on the teaching of Jesus as if he wants to set us free "from the interference of the state" is at least FAKE. You will agree that we need the state to provide basic services, for which we pay taxes. Jesus message was to set us free from sin and death. To understand the role of the church in this world, study carefully what the 2nd Vatican Council is teaching about the role of the state. The rights of one individual are limited by the rights of other individuals. ""By its nature private property has a social dimension which is based on the common destination of common goods" (Pius XII, quoted in "Church in the Modern World n.71) We are set free to do the right thing and work for more justice and enable every individual to provide the basics to his family. The poor we will always have around us.
Daniel Ryan
Define irony: he should have been a LaVeyan Satanist, not a Catholic. Deluded fool.
Tom Flynn
The Judge has an interesting perspective with regard to economics and capitalism. It is not necessary that the Holy Father is skilled in the understanding of economics and capitalism. What is important is that he has the authority to speak out where economics and capitalism is skewed and collude to disenfranchising the poor and low paid from earning a living wage. Having created the wealth in the first place for those now with considerable wealth the poor and low waged are entitled to more than the crumbs from the rich man's table.
Barb Dallaire
Judge, you are wrong about the Pope. He is not the Vicor of Christ. Christ needs no help from a man or women and no one can take His place in heaven or earth. That is a false manmade tradition and if the Apostle Paul were alive today, he would set you straight but since he is not, Then may the Lord Jesus, help you to know this truth. There is only one mediator between God and Man and that we know is Jesus, He alone and no one else, not even Mary can take that position away from Him and you will find out that one day, those priests are Peds and liars, and the blood of many is on their heads. They do not tell you what is in God's Word but it never changes and the Commandments are the same today. Please search the Scriptures for yourself but not their book which has been changed to match their teaching. You study manmade laws and the Constitution, but you need to study the WORD even more.
B. Silver
Anti-pope is a socialist piece of shit, lovers of nazi-islam and other fascist mafia.
Thank you Judge. I agree completely.
Bert Wolfe
Pope Francis understands economics and capitalism just fine. Judge Napolitano doesn't understand Christianity's spirit of love and compassion, nor doe he understand the importance of the spiritual over material.
nguyen van
The People does not need to understand any doctrine like Economics and Capitalism but he is still changing the world in positive way.
Napolitano says he a Catholic and is spreading anti Catholic views. Pre Vatican II is against capitalism, this Pope is against abortion. what exactly is this judge talking about here?
Julia D.
poor pope francis,.. how can he understand all this, when we are confused as well. one sure thing is: you will hear all kinds of stories, but nothing like what we have here this year.oops:did you just day the vicar of christ? are u kidding froend? oh no, he is not, just pretending, but there is no human on earth to be a vicar. Of course, everyone has the right to believe as they want.
If the pope is infallible in terms of morality, then how does that work on his views of economics, of which capitalism is the most moral system?
clarity seer
The Catholic Church is demonic and evil period/
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