Dad Chases Train Leaving Station Father Lets His Brave 8-Year-Old 2 months ago   01:01

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A panicked Ohio father chased after a train that departed the station with his baby still on board. Footage shows the dad bringing his baby aboard the train in a carrier before setting the infant down in a seat near another passenger. He then steps out to take a puff of a cigarette on the station platform. But suddenly the doors close behind him. As the train begins to pull out of the station, the father gives chase, trying to stop it.

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Adam DelGiudice
Stopped people
Richard Cowdell
Husna Faqirzad
The guys is knocking on the windows agent the baby and take him out side bron
Haileigh Marro
And this why u don’t smoke
Hailey Hatten
Smoking is a dumb reason to leave you kid on a train
Beauty by Illsie
My heart dropped. Thank God for that kind passenger on board
Abby Grieves
I like the guys bakepack
Ripon Das
Smoke bad
Sittingbush Roblox
This is why cigarettes kill people
Amanda Keller
The lesson here is never to smoke and you didn’t give yourself cancer so yeah that’s how my grandfather died
Kiwia Wheeler
So he left a baby alone to higher his risk of lung cancer. Where did his brain go
Dumb ass
Matthew Lewis
So cigarettes were more important than your own child huh?
Dennis Guzman
Jessica Rush
Bet is wife had a talk with him
Jessica Rush
I know this is off topic but that dudes deadpool backpack is amazing i love deadpool
Kit video T
That is just silly
bety mendez
You can't do that to a baby
Whose going to look after the baby
life with Bella
Man the things cigerats do to you.😧
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Father Lets His Brave 8-Year-Old Dad Chases Train Leaving Station 2 months ago   02:15

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