Coral Reefs & Climate Change Warming oceans and marine species 5 months ago   12:40

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It's a cautionary tale with a twist. Unless we do more to protect them, coral reefs could become extinct by 2050 due to pollution & climate change. This video was released just ahead of the landmark Copenhagen summit on climate change in order to draw attention to the plight of these fragile ecosystems. Sadly, the summit ended in failure -- and the future of our reefs is still at risk.

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Paul Lester
A very moving and touching video, we all need to do more, please help spread the word and get involved
Ryan Sneider
People evolved and have done what they have done to this planet, now the planet will adapt and evolve to survive. Who's to say the coral reefs that come after the ones that will be destroyed by suppos'd global warming will not be more spectacular than the ones we have now. I am not saying that we should be going out of our way to destroy the planet by unnecessary means, people are selfish and will always put themselves first , I am only saying the planet will recover and evolve a whole new set of species as it has for millions of years.
Ryan Sneider
I'd be willing to bet most people watching this video believe in evolution, So who's not to say that this is just the next stage of evolution of our planet.
Jake Traba
Who was elected in 2010?
Emila Sharp
I wish she was here in Belize to see the largest living reef😢
Emila Sharp
I hate home work
Bryan Lim CH
who is that girl Molly George, her voice is really beautiful at 15 years old
Olhem digam ai os niveis de hierarquia biologica
Alvina Shih
A touching explanation for coral reefs
us humans should dissapear and live inthe wild for a couple of years to let the ecosystem relive
Andrew Browning
This is to sad I wanna kms
We could but not china and many many industrial countries.
Alla Bord
Just eliminate mankind that doesn't care of its home, planet earth.
Erica Lesolame
It's honestly devastating to see what the future of coral reefs will look like, and I'm glad they showed it through the prospective of the future generations. This is such an eye opener which shows how much limited time we have to right our wrongs. Even the smallest diffrences can make such a drastic changes to things which are way more important than our selfish wants. Lets make a difference by spreading the message and thinking carefully on how we can change our ways of living to help ocean ecosystems and the beautiful corals reefs all around the world☺.
Katrana Prestor
This really made me cry. I don't give a shit if people are laughing because they are the stupid ones. They may laugh at my movies and heroes values but you are the ones who mistaken. We are watching our world dying day by day. Human who, for me, should be the Guardian of Earth and species is failing its own role. I won't let my world dying I will do all that I can do. The "end of ages" won't happen as long as I am still alive. If I may have children before being sterile because of shitting products that worldwide compagnies are selling, I don't want to say to them, that I, with the human kind, we killed billions of beings for our own comfort and wealth and that now they live in this netherworld because of us. Because we were so selfish, so blinkered and so imperfect in our role to the point where our own mother, Nature is getting rid of us. Because we failed in our role of Protector so maybe she tries to find a better Guardian, a better child. Because Nature doesn't need Humans and she already proved it so many times. If some people are looking for a God or a Goddess it may be that one.

As stupid as Human can be I think that as we already did last century and with all the goodwill of the World, we can prove we can do good and we deserve to live and grow better such as all the other species who lived and live on Earth. We have so much to discover yet.
Raaghav G.R.
We're already eight years past 2010. The Great barrier reef is almost dead. We lost 70% of it.
sarun line
Something make me sad. How the could be improve these thing? Including me.
Nemo Unamed
it is 2018, it feels like this msg is becoming a reality... if only we can stop for a bit and think about our future generation, do we really want to risk it all just because a few minutes of pleasure and satisfaction? $$$? nothing of it matters if earth as we know it is gone.. every one of us matters. we CAN make difference. watch cowspiracy or
Vandana J Kuusinen
Important, please watch ...Do we still have time to stop it, or do something about it, from it’s further deterioration, or we just don’t bother, and are we given up ?!?
It’s very sad, to loose something, so precious that gave life to this planet dying in front us in our life time!!
Can you bring me a souvenir from the future?
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Warming oceans and marine species Coral Reefs & Climate Change 5 months ago   04:26

The fallout from climate change is often framed as a terrestrial problem, yet global warming is having profound effects on marine life.

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