US posts economic growth of 2.1 percent Is The U.S. Economy Better Off After 2 months ago   00:36

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The US economy showed rigourous consumer spending in the fourth quarter and slowed less than was previously reported.

GDP increased to an annualised 2.1 percent up from previous estimate of 1.9 percent.

U.S. corporate profits rose again in fourth quarter, while overall economic growth was revised up— Wall Street Journal (@WSJ) March 30, 2017

The Commerce Department said that business activity moderated further at the beginning of the year.

The econom…

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Tom Skilling
im so glad the economy is doing so great.
love it.
finially making good money
Kevin S
obama did a horrible job as far as the economy is concerned. slow growth and mostly low wage jobs, no wage growth. he ran up the debt to record levels too
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Is The U.S. Economy Better Off After US posts economic growth of 2.1 percent 2 months ago   04:25

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