Reacting To The Saddest Animations on YouTube! Valentines Day Toy Box Opening!! LOL Surprise, Poopsie 2 months ago   11:06

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Reacticorns React to: Reacting To The Saddest Animations on YouTube
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The porky report rip
Daniel Bernal
Where did he get all those trees tho? Me: no where did he get the goggles you mean
autumn Hun.y
Wah I love kiwis because I am a little kiwi like if you are to also like to save the kiwi.):
farhat Khazi
Yes I cried
Laurai Jakoba
The the end of the story about that boy at the end it said" click and get help if u get anused i the family"
Dakota Robinson
The cat animation just maybe the toy was from his mom, or the toy had a bad spirit in it ,or the toy was smiling when he lost his family.... #1 prayer 1 life is saved.
itzblue eyes
the baby cat killed the teddy cause he was smiling and he SHOULDNT BE SMILING ITS LIKE HES SAYING "hey dont worry you have...

2.also who's going to pay the bills ?
Renee Vega
The plush is still smiling but there dead (sick)
Dawn Williamson
The cat one relates to my life...😭😭😭😭😭😩😩😩😩😩
I cried on the cat one 😢😥😭😥😭😢😥😭😢😥😭😢... So sad😢😥😭
Ethan Failano
I got a theory on the cat animation. I think the reason why the mother cat died is because of a cracking disease a mouse carried which got on the mother cat. Before the mother died she coughed on the older sister cat. After the mother died after she got the disease the sister got the disease she died and you know the father died. So probably this is why the baby strangled her doll that looked like a mouse which spread the disease the father, mother and older sister got because her family knew how the mother kitty died.
Tammy Hostetter
Also I think I know why the baby cat was doing that to the toy because the toy was smiling and the baby cat don't like it because the family died I'm crying also again pork kiwi all he wanted to do is fly I mean when you get them just being a real bird that's was his dream and he died cuz of it from doing his dream
Tammy Hostetter
Poor little kiwi
barbie and skipper
But I'm not crying why
Anica Amadar
Nazma Sultana
Awwwww!I feel bad.
Keisha TV
And the second one
Keisha TV
I already cried on the first one
jeremy larsen
The cat one was so sad I cried the cat drowned the soft toy because it was smileing
Lyndon Keith Rosquites
I cried beaucase of the cat family
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Valentines Day Toy Box Opening!! LOL Surprise, Poopsie Reacting To The Saddest Animations on YouTube! 2 months ago   13:30

Today we are opening our Valentines Day toy box! We have included lots of cute and pink surprises inside including LOL Surprise, Poopsie Slime Surprise, Imagine ink, squishies, plushies, lip balms, Polly Pocket, Jojo Siwa Bows, and so many others. Check out our opening. #valentinesday #lolsurprise #poopsieslimesurprise

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