Michael Rapaport was SHOCKED the Giants Buying the new-look Browns as instant 1 day ago   12:56

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Giants trade Odell to Browns for Jabrill Peppers, 1st and 3rd-round picks
Will the Giants regret up on Odell Beckham Jr.?
Shocked the Giants decided to move on from Odell Beckham Jr.?
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Alexander Newlon
Shuhei .... Best sushi in clevaland
Captain Kickass
He's got the Larry bird look going
Rha Money
Best receiving group is Atlanta sorry there rookie 3rd string receiver put up landrys numbers last year
Divas & Dallas are why you guys have a job, especially Skip! Otherwise you have nothing to talk about.
Steve C
typical New Yorker narcissism "we are the greatest city in the world we deserve a parade" its so annoying.
you know how last year, every Chiefs game was a nation wide, primetime game? Yeah Browns gonna be on 6 Monday night games and 6 Sunday night games in 2019....watch!
Johnny R
Russell Vanacore
Rapaport is not our spokesmen for Giants fans.
Kevin Z
There is no sushi in Cleveland!!!! BAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA
Benjamin Luebberst
Can we do a “shocked Michael Rapaport still works in sports”
thank god rap didnt cry with the amount of make up he was wearing it would have been ugly :P
Ivan Cervantes
Now if the Cleveland brown change their uniform colors , they’ll be ,must watch football . The brown and orange it’s just 🤢🤢🤢
I love it. This flaming liberal m@r@n is in despair.....
there is something missin here with the sexy mf shannon
Daniel Spinosa
Bro who did this mans makeup. Mike up there looking like Trump 😂
cody west
browns don't have the best or deepest receieving core, falcons do
ray ellinwood
ODB is dead
Didn't the Saints try to get AB?
Dustin H
2:03 that is how us Lions fans feel every year. It's also how we feel when we force legends to retire too soon.
Sam Kuti
9:24 he was actually close to tears
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Buying the new-look Browns as instant Michael Rapaport was SHOCKED the Giants 1 day ago   08:58

OBJ "grateful" for trade, "time for Browns to come together, start winning a lot"
Buying the new-look Browns as instant Super Bowl contenders?
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