SADHGURU: Feeling Demotivated? LISTEN Sadhguru on wife's death and how she left 2 days ago   06:27

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yoosuf Mughal
I’m suffering from my disability.....
Elisabetta Torino
I just love him!
Mohit Kr
Thanks Sadguru
Jadi Gangarajam
Your speeches are really interesting sadguru they really teach us life lessons
Preetha Nair
Sadhguru we r blessed to hear this
Pankaj Dhungana
suffering the capabilities is greatest problem of all beings.
bill branch
Kill the music, it distracts from the message.
No one can motivate u util u motivate ur self... 😜😜😜
atal kumar singh
mandeep narang
Sadguru you are amazingly intelligent. You just simplify the things so easily. Shat Shat naman,abhinandan,gratitude
What was the song?
Reshma Bacorisen
The mind and the heart should be balanced and not an enemy of yourself but I prefer Win-Win situation for living happier with the most world nature the balancing chakra to get your body fit your root chakra are in perfect harmony and your sacral chakra balance between positive and into all materials of to be an energy of blessing from the prayer in our inner peace of mind made you a heart satisfaction fortunate enough to be independently confirmed free of liberty liberal of your freedom of peaceful of your body.
Jane Tennyson
Would like to listen to the speech but the music is obnoxious.
arjun Bollam
SADHGURU couldn't help saying this all time."Those bunch of idiots saying peace is the ultimate goal rests in peace only.Peace is the basic thing or necessity,not the ultimate".You know who he is referring to?? "ZAKIR NAIK" 😂😂
K. M.
Stop the f&€king musiiiiiic
Haru Jadeja
Sorry but not so realistic thoughts. We are already in a stiff competitive world. It will not work. There are not many employment opportunities. So we need to work practically not just be positive and sit back relaxed. The truth.
bindass larki
Thank you ❤❤
soumen sen
Just awesome....
Sameenaden Asha
Best discourse
dikeledi prudense
I feel blessed
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Sadhguru on wife's death and how she left SADHGURU: Feeling Demotivated? LISTEN 2 days ago   07:24

Guru explains the great cycles of Yugas: