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Mouse Reject
Electric Mouse Trap/Best Trap Homemade Work With Battery 12V Easy saving a Mice/Mouse Reject
How to make a Mouse Trap homemade?

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Smoking BBQ 🐁 🐁 🐭
Manny guitar
Fuck u bitch
Xx-_[Àngelic DeviL]_-xX
It woke up.
Rhafa ehl
Music. ???????
Rhafa ehl
Music ??????
Rhafa ehl
MUSIC NAME ?????!!!!
Well done! Your meal that is... lol 😂
Optimus Crime
Just watched a video before with another trap now my recommended is filled with dead mice
5:46 Proof smoking is deadly
Klaudia 9589
one mouse? Wow :/
David Gomez
A 45K ratas no les gustó esto
Liedson Vitor Pereira
tin man
how long does the battery last when trap is energized?
Dynamo Gaming
Nothing Is Better Than Seeing A Mouse Die So Pleasing 😊
Squeeze Watson
Notice u hear chicken these ppl not stupid it’s clear to me what’s goin on. They are catching this mouse and eating them feeding to u as general tso chicken wake up ppl
kawiiu jf
Human are horrible.
What kind of children's toy is that can kill a mouse? I'm guessing that toy is not came from the EU, or US.
NaEser Que
Very bad you have given so much pain to mouse
Fencing not required as none of the mouse are able to cross
Roland Mitchell
When the Rat is Zapped Dead watch 5:5 Very closely and you can see that there is Smoke departing from the Rat
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