[MV] SUNMI(선미) _ 누아르(Noir) R.Tee x Anda - '뭘 기다리고 1 day ago   04:03

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[MV] SUNMI(선미) _ 누아르(Noir)

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The matchless female solo artist SUNMI took a leap forward as a musician by expressing her music with her artistic sensibility through the trilogy project “WARNING” completed by “Gashina”, “Heroine” and “Siren” over the past two years. SUNMI releases a new single “Noir”. New song “Noir” starts with a dreamy intro. If you follow her song as if she’s reciting by watching a noir film, you can fall into her “Noir” by empathizing with her delightful views on the cliché in movies that leads to obvious scenes.

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can someone tel me why isnt this promoted on music shows?
live the life with Helena :3
Alskdoxisoow lo amé
Enchanted Alina
I bet you won't like this comment.

If you did,You are the best:3
Carmela's Crazy Channel
Sunmi did amazing job with this video❤️❤️
살찌우고 리즈된 선미 원래 이뻣지만 건강미👍🏻
Ana Priscila
In some angles, I try to see Sunmi but I only see Seohyun. 😂
It's Lauren Marie
Please vote for Sunmi! She really deserves to win and it’ll show her how much we love her. :)
https://www.soompi.com/awards/2019/category/music/best-female-solo 💜
This is the best kpop music video I have ever seen
Joseph Yap
I love the indie feel of the song. The MV is lit as well!
Bity Ikram5
Wow !!!!
Jul Lieb
Amo a esta mujer. Como al final en un intento de 'molestarla' le incendian el carro y ella se lo toma de buena manera e incluso se toma una foto. Porque así debe de ser,es evidente que obtener criticas simplemente por ser tu y hacer lo que te gusta no es agradable para nadie,pero hay que verle el lado positivo a como de lugar. Espero que esta mujer logre absolutamente todo lo que se proponga.
Lov ya,gurl.
Steven Yee
me: i think sunmi will make the mv better and more creative.
also me: open this song.
*sunmi's cake burned!!!
ᴋɪɴɢ ɴᴀᴍᴊᴏᴏɴɪᴇ ༄
Sunmi is just the queen
Does anyone know what she's singing in the background of the chorus starting at around 1:05?
tae kookie
bolu 2
is sooooo aesthetic, I LOVE VIDEO
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R.Tee x Anda - '뭘 기다리고 [MV] SUNMI(선미) _ 누아르(Noir) 1 day ago   03:02

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