Green Dubai City Film Dubai Evolution from 1960 2 days ago   28:25

Dubai has gone to great lengths to become the world's most sustainable city. Find out what has already been done and what policies and practises are changing.
Welcome to GREEN DUBAI!

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Funny how a fishing village with oil can make the rest of the world look like a slum.
Unheard Unseen
So they do weather modification too are they? shm😏
Taha Heyari 46
Title green Dubai !!! So far only talk about every thing but trees??
Mr. God
Mother nature 🎲
تفائل بالخير Optimize well
أعتقد أنه مبدأ اكثر منه أقتصادا
تحياتى للإمارات
Aslam Khan
Islam zindabad
Aslam Khan
Allaha hukeber
Aslam Khan
Mashallaha dubai
Aslam Khan
Dubai zindabad
jhakas boy
Dubai is world better city
Panic Industry
The people who live in Dubai are still the ROOT OF ALL EVIL !
20:03"stimulate change" he said.......stop making tires for late model vehicles for instance ??? !!! That is called "forced Obsolescence"........prove me wrong if you think you can.
sustainable city??? products we purchase should also be sustainable ....not planned Obsolescence. If a bearing goes out in a washing machine explain to me why we shouldn't be able to replace said bearing and continue use of same machine.......we all want to save the environment .....don't we???!!!!!
"SMART GROWTH"!!!!!! / SMART METER / SMART PHONE / SMART HOUSE / SMART CAR / BUSES / SMART APPLIANCES ...etc ......has anyone noticed a trend of government and corporations in bed together????!!!!!! wake up and don't be a SMART / DUMB ASS !!!!!!!! ITS FASCISM IN YOUR FACE !!!!!!!!! NAZI WORLD GOVERNMENT
Fz Fk
khaled masum
this is qiyamot alama
when oil finishes will see
Uriel S. Morrill
El gasto de energia para desalinizar el agua es enorme para alimentar un pasto que es la forma menos sustentable de vegetación y dar una falsa sensación de que vencieron al desierto, cosa que por cierto es imposible, evidentemente están invirtiendo el dinero en las obras equivocadas
Abhishek Bourai
See the CEO's eyes when he speak, he is reading from a screen 😂😂
Jamal Collier
No women wow
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Dubai Evolution from 1960 Green Dubai City Film 2 days ago   04:41

Visual Effects time-lapse film showing Dubai evolution over 58 years and 5 years of expected projects completion by 2021.
Dubai’s transformation and development as a city over the last decade is certainly unmatched on a regional basis.
According to Knight Frank Middle East Hub Report 2018, Dubai’s status as a global hub will continue to strengthen given its extensive connectivity, strong economic prospects, low tax system and safe haven status which are all underpinned by world-class amenities and infrastructure.
The Hub Report 2018 clearly ranks UAE 1st in the region in “Ease of Doing Business”
Read the full report:

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