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Death Toll Rises To 56, At Least | Arrested Migrants Disillusioned And In Limbo - At Ai-Tube.com

Death toll rises to 56, at least Arrested migrants disillusioned and in limbo 1 day ago   02:46

CGTN Africa
The number of people killed in floods in southern Malawi has risen to 56, according to Malawi's Department of Disaster Management. At least 83 thousand others have been displaced since storms began more than a week ago. The country remains on high alert for an approaching tropical cyclone.

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Arrested migrants disillusioned and in limbo Death toll rises to 56, at least 1 day ago   07:04

(12 Oct 2015) LEAD-IN:
Hundreds of African migrants detained in Libya last week are being held in detention centres in Tripoli awaiting deportation to their home countries.
They were detained while trying to board boats headed to Europe, according to officials from the Islamist New General National Congress government that controls the Libyan capital, Tripoli.

These men had hoped to be on their way to Europe by now.
They left homes in Sierra Leone, Gambia and Mali to build new lives abroad.
But when they tried to get on boats in Tripoli last Thursday they were stopped by the authorities and brought to this detention camp.
Some say they paid smugglers to help them get to Europe and they feel cheated.
Others say they would not have started the journey if they had known what would await them in Tripoli.
"I know this way is bad," says Kayban Niado from Gambia. "If I knew that this way is like this, I would not come here."
Niado continues: "My people don't know that I'm here or not. They don't hear (from) me. How many days they don't hear my voice."
His journey is set to continue, but not in the way he had planned.
Niado and the other migrants detained last week are being sent onto another detention centre, Soud Al-Ahad, on the outskirts of Tripoli.
There, they will await deportation to the countries they thought they had left behind.
But going back home may not be simple either.
First Lieutenant Nasser Hzam of the Tripoli detention centre says: "The cooperation with the embassies, concerning their citizens who were arrested in Libya, is very bad, especially the African countries like Niger, Senegal, Chad or Mali.
"Honestly, there is no cooperation from these embassies, nothing. They do not ask about them (the detained migrants) or organise for their deportation."
Smugglers have exploited Libya's internal turmoil, with two rival governments battling for control, to ship thousands of desperate migrants across the Mediterranean.
Ablaeba, from Gambia, says he paid almost 1,000 dollars to smugglers.
The money is wasted and "unfortunately we didn't reach to Europe," he says.
Instead, Ablaeba and the others are staying in Libya for now - being moved from one detention centre to another, with the plan of reaching Europe now a distant dream.

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