MLB | Not-So-Serious Baseball | Part 3 Greatest Sports Moments 2 months ago   12:38

Gotta stay loose during the 162 game grind.

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Spring Training is just around the corner!
How can anyone not like Baseball? Best sport ever! Go Dodgers ⚾😁
joey mowell
cubs are so funny man 😂
Anthony Arizona has always been my favorite baseball player..... This is why
Satya Pratap Nayak
Cricket is the best
iNdiGO I
Lol he put the trip from rn trout after the one from the other guy
Midoriya Deku
Midoriya Deku

If you don’t think it’ll hit u it won’t hit u. It’s a mindset
Joe P
It's so lame that baseball players jump up and down to celebrate at home plate.
Roberto Santana
What jersey were the ones that segura was wearing?
Fantastic content bro. Video had me smiling and ctfu the entire time. Great video to wake up to. I'm subbing.
Rollz 100
The gatorade dump on yourself has my stomach hurting lmao
father bree
yeahh chicago ☝🏼🔥 we suck at just about everything but we sure know how to have fun
William Brennan
2:23 I remember this game, this was the game that lasted 13 innings (longest winner takes all game)
Dominicans are so funny
PeEpO DaNkUs
Its 3 in the fucking morning, and i dont even play baseball how did i get here lmao
TheBigBad Helmut
Savage. I would've bolted if I saw a foul ball heading my way
Cameron Fish
1:46 Ew what the hell is that uniform!
Brittany Garrison
Too much Chicago.
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Greatest Sports Moments MLB | Not-So-Serious Baseball | Part 3 2 months ago   28:50

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