Model T Racing! We get a rare chance Barn Find Classic! What's 4 months ago   08:21

Curiosity Incorporated
We head out to Bruderheim AB to watch some 100 year old cars tear up the track! you don't see this everyday!

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Drew Tatum
Can you please leave out the music? It's good music but I like to hear the cars as well
Barbra Pierce
What happened to your model T racer, previously the mini racer. I have not found any thing about it since you sent it out for body work. Did you find it on this trip?
So cool, thx so much for posting!❤
Mr. Thunderbolt
Yay cute little model t
Gabe Ffield
Is there a version of this video with out the music? I would love to hear the exhaust notes of those model T's with period high performance exhaust and other modes.
Jeff Ambrosia
Music drowning out the cars
Myborg Cj
At 2:01 I thought you were laughing at the little bloke.
Marcos Lucio Silva
I love this
That yellow car visible at 0:51 do you know what car it is?
So is this the race you were planning to do? Cool event when is it
J Rush
These cars are close to stock in performance unlike a hundred years ago...back then, they had in and out boxes, hotter cylinder heads,cams..capable of 90+ mph average lap times..much more dangerous sport back then.
Michael Bagley
Lester Young
This is a small world. I came across your channel a fortnight ago, when You Tube recommended one of your episodes after I had been watching the Cold War Motors website (also Edmonton, Alberta based). At 0:49 you are parking your ambulance behind one of CWM's vehicles, the 1940s green Fraser sedan! A coincidence or do you know these guys? I have been watching some back episodes on your channel -old cars, petrol station memorabilia, old bikes, collectables, road trips -what's not to like? The episodes are all of a high standard and very watchable -keep them coming!
6:25 Imagine bringing a rare Model T tow truck to a car show and being able to use it on another Model T!!!!! Fucking awesome!
1:58 lmfao, I thought you were being a jerk and laughing at that midget
Gavin Hunter
As usual another fun video.
Matt Farah's Million Mile Lexus
Back in the days of wooden ships and iron men!
NZ Salt Flats Racer
Enjoyable video, you do good work. I recognized a car from coldwarmotors channel, must be in your area. Worth checking out.
I have to give you credit, I have watched some of your videos and whoever puts them together does a great job. I am a fellow Albertan and it is strange to see familiar sights in the background. In one video you were cruising down the Whitemud and I knew exactly where you were. Keep up the great work and are you hiring?
Shawn Adams
I like this channel.
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Barn Find Classic! What's Model T Racing! We get a rare chance 4 months ago   18:40

This was an amazing day! watch as Alex from Curiosity inc Digs out a classic car from under a mountain of collectibles!... and it is buried deep! stuff gets moved, trees get chopped and classics get hauled in this weeks episode!
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