Ricky Gervais Carries Earplugs Ricky Gervais on David Letterman 1 day ago   06:29

Late Night with Seth Meyers
Ricky Gervais talks about tackling the subject of grief in After Life and holding himself back from complaining about things that annoy him.
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Ricky Gervais Carries Earplugs with Him Because Everything Annoys Him- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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Etta James
it was okay. felt like the final episode self-epiphany was an afterthought.
Andrew Taylor
When this Seth guy talks into the camera it's like he's forcing himself to smile. I hate to be that guy to pick on anything about someone but hey don't shoot me for having an opinion lol
lisa koola
i’ve finish watching After Life
Ags Realistic
Omg! So do I! Those proper silicone ones. I can't live without them
Lady Ashara Dayne
Finally, someone else who hates the same things I do and as intensely as I do.
Viktor Citat
Found the series really depressing. Cant wait for his next comedy special though. Not sure why he is telling fake stories on every talk show. It's a shame they lie to millions people like that.
Ricky is an amazing Human Being .
So politically correct and incorrect at the same time smh . :)
Ariq Ullah
man, what a miserable person
Misophonia, Ricky. Welcome, to the club.
Ryan Balls
Sanket Kadam
Daniel Fernandes got me here
Mike Quackenbush
My friends says I have a very distinct laugh. I just realized, I laugh almost identical to Ricky Gervais. And I’m ok with that!
Why do ear plugs have to be so uncomfortable?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Ty The Healer
Sometimes I feel like Ricky is the only person on Earth that gets me. & the humor just the cherry on top. I love his show 😁
Adrian Carlisle
Yeah its called having No hope left i got that when i became homeless 💁🏼‍♀️😁🍕
Ricky is basically Curb IRL
L Collins
I would marry him or his brother nothing sexier than a man w a sense of humor. Screw looks money and romance!
Kali Sarah
Sounds like he has misophonia!
Srestha Chakraborty
I have a feeling Ricky meant the "...one person dominating the conversation. LET HIM SPEAK!" as a cheeky jab to all the US talk show hosts.
Cristiano Ronaldo
Seth Meyers should be the host of the tonight show
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Ricky Gervais on David Letterman Ricky Gervais Carries Earplugs 1 day ago   08:20

Ricky Gervais visits David Letterman