Coastal Systems: Beach Ridge How Coastal Spits are formed - labelled 2 months ago   03:53

In the field with Simon Haslett, Professor of Physical Geography at the University of Wales and Professor Jon Nott of James Cook University. Discussing the how beach ridges are formed along the Queensland coast of Australia due to cyclone/hurricane activity. Please subscribe to the channel as new videos are added from time to time.
Topics: cyclone ridges, sediment, shell preservation, radiocarbon dating problems.
Further reading: S. K. Haslett (2016) Coastal Systems, 3rd Edition. University of Wales Press, Cardiff, 230pp. Available from :

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How Coastal Spits are formed - labelled Coastal Systems: Beach Ridge 2 months ago   02:38

Detailed explanation of how sediment is transported along the coast by the process of long shore drift and then deposited on the sheltered side of a headland to form a coastal spit. I also discuss and explain the prevailing wind, the formation of the salt marsh and the role that the river estuary plays in the formation of this coastal feature. The explanation is ideal for class notes and also can easily be replicated as revision for examinations.
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