The Power of Positive Thinking - Behavioral Optimism - How To Become Optimisitic Right 4 months ago   15:11

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Join Kelly Jo Kaye, Behavioral Specialist / Life Coach working with the Great Weight Off program as she talks about the power of positive thinking!

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Optimism - How To Become Optimisitic Right The Power of Positive Thinking - Behavioral 4 months ago   18:17

Optimism - The one essential mindset you must cultivate to become a permanent optimistic thinker.

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Optimism is a hopeful outlook for the future. A person's degree of optimism is a critical determinant of an their success, according to the research of Dr. Martin Seligman.

Dr Seligman found differences in how optimists and pessimists explain identical events, using his three categories of explanatory style: permanence, pervasiveness, and personalization. Permanence identifies whether the event is one that will be long-lasting or transitory. Pervasiveness identifies whether the event is limited or global to the individual's life. Personalization identifies whether the individual assumes responsibility for the event, or attributes it to other factors.

Optimists are more likely to find their problems to be temporary, limited, and not of their making. Pessimists, on the other hand, are more likely to think their problems are permanent, wide-ranging and preventable. Obviously it's more pleasant to be an optimist than a pessimist.

You can choose to be more optimistic. Periodically make a substantial but detailed list of up to thirty things to which you look forward. Or, make a shorter list every morning of the highlights you foresee in your day. Your level of optimism will likely improve through this simple but effective exercise.