Top 10 FASTEST Homebuilt Airplanes 10 most AMAZING RC MODELS in the WORLD 2 days ago   08:05


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GP-4 —> 240 mph
Cassutt —> 240 mph
RV4 —> 200 mph
Harmon Rocket —> 250 mph
KR2 —> 200 mph
Nemesis —> 400 mph
Radial Rocket —> 260 mph
Barracuda —> 210 mph
White Lightning —> 280 mph
Mustang II —> 250 mph

I am aware that you all dislike the couple seconds of blurring the plane before showing it, the intention was to have the viewer guess to themselves which plane it was. It won’t be used in future edits
Larry Conder
Like the scaled p-51
great! well done.
Stop saying things in mph. If you knew planes you would know they use knots.
Instead of saying “fighter jet,” please say “fighter plane.” It’s kind of irritating.
The Lancair IV should have been near the top of this list
alberto santos santos polanco
Excelente 🇩🇴🇩🇴🌎
Kenneth Kustren
Sorry ... Yer #1 pick is for a lottery millionaire in mid-life crisis.
THE HONOURS should have gone to the Falco F.8
Acrobatic, WORLD RECORD ALTITUDE 40Angels+ !!
Franklyn Ordonez
You should at least put the price of each airplane when you explaining all the features
Marek Gutkowski
Why were homebuild jet powered planes excluded?
There are a few out there.
The thunder "mustang" IN NO CASE is capable of outperforming the P-51. The thing only loosely matches the early variants. Reaching 628 km/h is not even close to outperforming more notable variants. That is a scaled down P-51D-10 or later variant which means that there is a connotation or implication of it being capable of beating the P-51D which it cannot by any stretch. The only ones that are challenged are the earliest variants which shouldn't even be brought into question. The P-51D-30 can reach 720 km/h. That is about 450 mi/h. It is a complete joke when I hear someone say that something as meager as that could outperform the P-51. Not only that, but the P-51H was capable of over 780 km/h. That beats the 740 km/h of the turbine "legend". Not only that, but the P-51H is almost 4 times the weight with only twice the engine power developing over 2200 hp and it still gets that much more speed. Stop calling these things jets as well. They pale in comparison and they are propeller driven. The Me 262 A-1a which was a jet produced by Germany in WWII was capable of 870 km/h. In addition, the He 162 was capable of 905 km/h and was a jet as well. The turbine lemon is far from a jet even by WWII standards. The Meteor F Mk.3 is a joke but Britain was producing centrifugal jets at the time which do jack shit.

I strongly dislike leaving dislikes on videos however, I felt that a few statements were just unbearably inaccurate and highly misinformative. The comparative statements could be considered highly misleading.
Wall Cutter
Obviously the legend. Great video
Nathaniel Selemon
Can u show us how to build homemade planes, I would like to create my own one day and love Ur videos?
Jonathan Moore
Should have done speed for value the quickie would have won
Too Sense Wirth
Well heck, I liked the blurred images!
I couldn't hit the like buh-uhn, but I hit the like buTTon.
Mason Marrone
You should really include the price tag with each aircraft.
Look at this video if you like looking at a blurry fog for 10 sec.
Otto Leisering
Enjoyed it. The blurring was unnecessary, but still a good video.
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10 most AMAZING RC MODELS in the WORLD Top 10 FASTEST Homebuilt Airplanes 2 days ago   10:29

How do you like to spend your free time? I think we can all agree that RC cars and planes have become a part of our everyday lives. Driving RCs is addictive and fun, whether you’re driving around in your garage or take your RC with you on a camping trip we all love to be in control of a remote vehicle. There’s something about being in full control with little effort, that keeps us hooked to these things. Today we’ll be looking at 10 of the most bizarre, powerful, and outright AWESOME RCs.