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GP-4 —> 240 mph
Cassutt —> 240 mph
RV4 —> 200 mph
Harmon Rocket —> 250 mph
KR2 —> 200 mph
Nemesis —> 400 mph
Radial Rocket —> 260 mph
Barracuda —> 210 mph
White Lightning —> 280 mph
Mustang II —> 250 mph

I am aware that you all dislike the couple seconds of blurring the plane before showing it, the intention was to have the viewer guess to themselves which plane it was. It won’t be used in future edits
Dan Frederiksen
from this I conclude that we need an inexpensive light efficient 250-300 horse turbine.
Mike Mortensen
Crap I have to convert all these speeds to knots. As a pilot MPH is meaningless to me unless I happen to be flying an older Piper which used MPH for some ungodly reason. I can convert MPH to knots in my head but why are they stating MPH in the first place?
Isn't there a rule that aircraft can't fly faster than 250 knots when flying at 10,000 or lower? If that's true, then all the low level flybys must have been no faster than 250 knots. Correct?
I've taken the controls in a Long Eazy...lots of fun, but man that Legend in the number 1 spot was soooo quite! Awesome. If I win lotto I'm buying one!
I like the mini mustang
Ben Warner
What about the Falco? It easily cruises over 200 knots. I think you need to revamp your list!
But I did love the video!
Nick Griffin
#8 was the death of John Denver. The Lancair Evolution is one sexy plane, but expensive as fuck. The creator of X plane owns one.
What's all this mph stuff? Airspeed is measured in knots.
Oleg Brick
Quickie? Seriously looks like we got a lot in common. .
Michael Powell
What about the ones that aren't American?
James Menneg
Thank you
Chris England
Yet ANOTHER stupid 'photo effect' that utterly spoils something I was looking forward to !!

This kind of thing seems to be some sort of a 'competition' within the young kids making videos.
Just because you CAN do something, does NOT mean that you SHOULD do it, F F S.
NOBODY thinks you're technically brilliant, innovative, or even interesting.

I persisted 3 or 4 minutes, then decided that you were just TOO irritating and had wasted too much of my life already.
So it's a THUMBS DOWN from me.... NO SHARE... and absolutely, positively and DEFINITELY... NO SUBSCIBE.

Talk about "spoiling the ship but for a ha'porth of tar". In that.. you've succeeded.


metric plz
Алекс М
The Turbine Legend is a beautiful aircraft, seemed to be very quiet.
Brad Lenart
boogie boogie
all these nice fly-by´s .... i love that!
in germany u allways on foot in jail (that means you loose your license) when u do that and wrong (left/green lacotse intolerant) people on your airfield...
horrido ✙urbansoldier✙
P300Griffon Alpi Aviation italy Travel 275 Km/h Vmax 305km/h (~170mph and 190mph)
Aranyak Maitra
The Grammarly advertiser could find a voice that has a proper accent. A system that corrects written sentences should not sound wrong by pronouncing better as "beddar".
Colin Wilson
haha, this video is awesome. I'm co owner in a Q200 and I know the owner of the last Turbine Legend.
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10 most AMAZING RC MODELS in the WORLD Top 10 FASTEST Homebuilt Airplanes 5 months ago   10:29

How do you like to spend your free time? I think we can all agree that RC cars and planes have become a part of our everyday lives. Driving RCs is addictive and fun, whether you’re driving around in your garage or take your RC with you on a camping trip we all love to be in control of a remote vehicle. There’s something about being in full control with little effort, that keeps us hooked to these things. Today we’ll be looking at 10 of the most bizarre, powerful, and outright AWESOME RCs.