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My Self Reliance
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I continue with the sauna build, slowed down by a snowstorm one day and frigid temperatures the next, forcing me to pile the logs on top of the sauna walls and build a fire underneath to thaw them out. My dog, Cali the Golden Retriever, is at my side as always, relentlessly retrieving her training bumper until she falls asleep in front of the fire in the cabin.
Inside the log cabin, I bottle (can) meat in a pressure canner on top of the wood-stove. I fry trout in cast iron on the woodstove and for breakfast, I continue my temporary ketogenic diet with a substantial meal of eggs, bacon and cheddar cheese fried in butter. To keep warm during the day while working on the log sauna, I place a cast iron pan on the fire inside the sauna under the tarp and logs and I heat up some leftover beef ribs and lamb shank in tomato sauce.

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Lynn Micallef
Cal is a first class site manager / supervisor. Keeps the work up to speed! Fantastic how she oversees everything 💟! BIG LOVE!
Pamela Prettynose
I love Cali! She is such a happy girl!
Scott Worley
Sir you have to be former military, you are really disciplined and precise.
Scott Worley
Your dog must keep you entertained.
John Revere
Dogs, a man’s best friend, Cali Bring as much laughter! Sorry I don’t know what brings more joy, your building or your puppy dog! Honestly I don’t think I’ve ever in my 58 years of life have seen a dog more happier! You both were meant for each other.
Catching up on your videos is the best feeling
andy howe
is that cayenne pepper ? because im gonna try that .
Goran Mijovic
Mckittrick Hyatt
Okay.... have to admit. This video was not at all relaxing for me like most are. I was exhausted by the time it was over ...... Turns out I was straining and tensing every time you were pulling those logs around. Right now as I type this, my forearms are hurting.
Ruth Campbell
you have a faithful friend there x
Scott x
Your with the best of company! It reminds me a lot of me and my dog, great video.
perros y mas PERROS
love chanel love you live gretings from argentina.,.,
Tommy Nikon
@1:15....Callie biting snow. BIG laughs; much needed.
Judy Keck
I am so impressed with your skill! Do you have work that allows you to spend this much time building these projects? I saw in 1 video you had 3 place settings. Does your wife spend any time there with you? Anyone else? Do you have help or or you doing this all by your onesie? Sorry for all the questions but this 77 year old impressed inquiring mind would really like to know.
Tammi Bevilacqua
Hi . Happy and Blessed Easter !
I came across you videos at lunch one day at work and I'm hooked . A fan from Oregon . I love Kali and really admire and am inspired by your beautiful log cabin . The home you've built and lifestyle your living is truly inspiring.

I do have a silly question on this video . There are two sound I hear in the middle of the video . One is a distant hammering / pinging sound ?
The second sound I was curious about is kind of like a camara shutter sound ?
Florence Scott
Wow!!! Peaceful 👍
Tuyet NGA Vo
Hi you i will get millions views and love you
Cyndi S
I want to add too I am amazed that you have been able to do all of this all on your own! That is a lot of hard work for just one person. Hey - looks like you got a lot of maple syrup this year. Awesome - I can almost taste it!
Cyndi S
Shawn I am an avid fan, watching every episode and I just want to say I have my cup of coffee with you every episode! I look forward to it and I learned early on that every episode there is a cup of coffee, so I just decided to join you. Thanks so much for sharing. I just wish you would put your recipes up as you are cooing. It always looks so good. At least let us know what it is you are cooking and what ingredients you are adding. I have learned so much from watching and rerally appreciat all you have to offer! Hope the weather holds up so you can finish your bathhouse before spring sets in. I imagine you will be heading out fishing and camping as the weather improves! So admire your lifestyle. If i were younger I would want to do the same thing!
Dave Steingass
mmmm Old Bay! You can literally shake that shit on EVERYTHING! Especially fried potatoes!
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Today we begin plumbing the house. We are running PEX pipe and installing our drain pipe in the crawl space. Follow along to see if these first time home builders can get the project done right!

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