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My Self Reliance
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I continue with the sauna build, slowed down by a snowstorm one day and frigid temperatures the next, forcing me to pile the logs on top of the sauna walls and build a fire underneath to thaw them out. My dog, Cali the Golden Retriever, is at my side as always, relentlessly retrieving her training bumper until she falls asleep in front of the fire in the cabin.
Inside the log cabin, I bottle (can) meat in a pressure canner on top of the wood-stove. I fry trout in cast iron on the woodstove and for breakfast, I continue my temporary ketogenic diet with a substantial meal of eggs, bacon and cheddar cheese fried in butter. To keep warm during the day while working on the log sauna, I place a cast iron pan on the fire inside the sauna under the tarp and logs and I heat up some leftover beef ribs and lamb shank in tomato sauce.

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Sandra Loes
Kkkkkkkk o cachorrinho é muito engraçado, ele adora a neve.
@27:49 "WHAT ARE YOU DOING TRYING TO HEAT THE OUTDOORS!!?? closes the damn door!!" -- Every Dad Watching
Brent Prosser
Cali jumping for the snow you were shoveling is the reason I subscribed. This dog is always funny. I mean, the rest is cool too, but not as cool as Cali!
Elsa Tio Gonsales
Ayyyyy, que belleza de perro , creo que es labrador, muy inteligente, siempre al lado de su amo, como mi shit Shu, de año y medio, bssssss
Elsa Tio Gonsales
Es dura la vida, pero eso es lo lindo, vencer el obstáculo del frío, este preciosi canadiense, hace maravillas , y qué rico cocina, tengo mi adorado hijo y su preciosa familia, viviendo en Canadá, más de 10 años, y viven felices, Dios, Nuestro Señor y su Bella Madre, los bendiga, bssssssss, Elsa de Perú
I see you there where is your wife at what’s up with you and her ???
Mireya Meza
Dorine Capaletti
You're canning meat. Is it a deer you harvested?
Dorine Capaletti
Wash and save your eggshells for your tomatoes in your future garden.
vasittan vimarsagan
🐕 well behaved. I like the 🐕 more than his master.
Tarzia Meat Packing
How long do the logs dry before you use them for building ?
wow it looks like matt and his ducks at 50 ducks in a hot tub - he had to dig for the ducks to the water
Mik Wri
What a Helpful Pup she is! Luv the Videos!
Denise Belt
you need new dish cloths
Doc Moore
I guess refrigeration is not much of an issue at this time of year...but I've never seen where you keep all the GREAT FOOD you cook up at the end of the day. It just appears in the pan...and it looks incredible.

That Cali is so playful. She must be fairly young...lots of puppy still there. What a girl.
NSE Restorations
Nice video
Nuria E.
¡Qué hombre tan trabajador!.
Ha Jacobus
great ! thank you .
Anh Đào Phạm
I admire your life.i like snow and idyllic life.😍
Marie Hervey
Cali is the 'STAR POWER' of My Self Reliance.
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Today we begin plumbing the house. We are running PEX pipe and installing our drain pipe in the crawl space. Follow along to see if these first time home builders can get the project done right!

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