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My Self Reliance
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I continue with the sauna build, slowed down by a snowstorm one day and frigid temperatures the next, forcing me to pile the logs on top of the sauna walls and build a fire underneath to thaw them out. My dog, Cali the Golden Retriever, is at my side as always, relentlessly retrieving her training bumper until she falls asleep in front of the fire in the cabin.
Inside the log cabin, I bottle (can) meat in a pressure canner on top of the wood-stove. I fry trout in cast iron on the woodstove and for breakfast, I continue my temporary ketogenic diet with a substantial meal of eggs, bacon and cheddar cheese fried in butter. To keep warm during the day while working on the log sauna, I place a cast iron pan on the fire inside the sauna under the tarp and logs and I heat up some leftover beef ribs and lamb shank in tomato sauce.

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Hello your documentaries are good but then what you're talking about I'm still waiting for the final contruction of the sauna but we fall back on your old video has more
The more i watch the more it motivates me u really are a true role model keep it up man!
Cliff Finch
Great video shawn...i see you found my friend Nik two guys are my fav,s
Noel Espirtu
when you got that dog, you got a gift.
Spaghetti Monster
She is such a good girl. Starting @ 19:50 we see her entire nature. She already knew from the smell but now he is going to eat. She doesnt beg and knows it not her food time and that it is rude to drool and slobber beg, so she repositions her snout away from the food. Such a good girl.
Etch Camelia
My Lab is the exact same when i shovel the snow… Its hilarious to see
Marques Entzminger
Man I love these shows. One day when I can get away from the world; I want to do this.
loving the video and boy it looks cold ! God bless u to be working so hard in,that weather what a awesome job you are doing with sweet calli girl at your side. My stomach rumbles everytime i see u cooking looks so good!
Maggie Hernandez
Your doggie is sooooo lucky.. He so adorable.
Greg Cram
Where's the site Shawn. ???
lostonpurpose 37
Your videos always make me hungry
Martin Hansson /Vögeli
What kind of Shoes do you wear ?
Dog joy always makes you feel good. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻💪🏻🖖🏻❤️🐾🐾🐾
Windy Cortes
Heard you coughing a lot in this video. I hope you're not getting sick. Take care of yourself. I really enjoy your videos you're living the life.
G'day Shawn. Just got some Sony WH-1000XM3's (wireless noise cancelling headphones) the other week and really appreciating the effort you put into the audio. Just like the bush here in Australia, your piece of wilderness is anything but silent ;)
Ylva Bjarnson
What is orange stuff you sprinkled on top of your eggs?
Luca Ventrella
With this great quality videos, you should buy a silent focus for your camera Shawn
Amy Faith
Beautiful and just think, you built those! All season's art show.
This gentleman will most likely out live us all well into his 90s.
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