Coastal Zone - A documentary about What is coastal erosion? 1 day ago   06:29

Coastal Zone (Online Version | Part 1)
A documentary about beaches and management.

The original 22 minutes video documentary Coastal Zone was aired on Ocean Network TV and Olelo Community Television in Hawaii,US. The video was created to promote Environmental Communication on Television, and it's part of an academic project created at Hawaii Pacific University. Produced, Written & Hosted by Ana Ravedutti; Voice and Music by Karen Stokely; HD Images by Ariel Willeford

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Conrad Cranmer
TheReal SnxgGawd
Karel L - P
This is a good documentary. There is a good Integrated Coastal Zone Management MSc. at Glasgow University which I am considering enrolling on. True to the blue;)
Ian Hong
needs more variety of music ::P
Beautiful and informative! This needs to be in schools k-12!
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What is coastal erosion? Coastal Zone - A documentary about 1 day ago   04:12

Coastal erosion is a natural, ongoing process that has been happening for thousands of years. This video explains how it happens and the factors that affect the rate of erosion.